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(VIDEO) The Exchange’s Badges Explained + Why They Matter

A few months ago, @Raoul Pal, behind his Cayman Islands bar, took out his phone and recorded an overly casual “can you guys record a video of yourselves discussing your personal financial journey and upload it online - thanks”

And yet we happily obeyed.  Dozens of videos uploaded Immediately. Truly incredible. This is what comes of years of credibility building. This is how to tap the hive mind.

Thanks for all the feedback to everyone from this weekend. Hopefully clarified (Original Announcement from last week here )
ton of name dropping in this video. Congrats to @Sam Colt & @Muhammed Banday 

(Original Announcement from last week here )

@Sam Colt @Jaymes Rosenthal @The Classical Charts and Swing Trading Blog @Muhammed Banday @Jeremiah S @Moritz Heiden @Moritz Seibert @Raoul Pal @Jason Ziemianski @Farrell Murphy @Matt Daniell 

@Jack Farley 

Entire chart deck from my interview with Teddy Vallee.

Hi all, here are all the charts from my interview with macro hedge fund manager Teddy Vallee:

If you want to learn from books, then start with "Option Volatility & pricing" by Sheldon Natenberg. Later, a more advance book is "Options as a Strategic Investment" by Lawrence G. McMillan.

As for option course, you can visit my Options-Course site at: 151

where you can look at the Case-Studies and  my Blog for free. 


tastytrade is the best source in my opinion. You can check out the series "where do I start". They have multiple series going back years of them teaching their employees/kids to trade options. They have a certain style/strategy but they will teach you everything you need to know. For example: