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OptionAlpha is a great learning program that I went through to learn the basics. I didn't know anything about options and it ended up being a friendly entry point.

The biggest falacy of the inflation camp is that they tell you that a certain amount of inflation is good, usualy around 2%, no more no less. How did they calculate it? The idea that a group of government bureaucrats can correctly calculate the ideal level of inflation for the whole economy is as absurd as the idea that.... a group of government bureaucrats can manage the economy of the whole Soviet Union from Moscow


If you want to learn from books, then start with "Option Volatility & pricing" by Sheldon Natenberg. Later, a more advance book is "Options as a Strategic Investment" by Lawrence G. McMillan.

As for option course, you can visit my Options-Course site at: 481

where you can look at the Case-Studies and  my Blog for free. 

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