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INTEREST RATE MADNESS - Breaking down why defensive stocks are getting toasted (feat. charts on TLT/SPY, Utilities as a ... rising real rates, and much much more)

The Breakdown is BACK! @Nick Correa and I decided we couldn't let Ash and Weston have all the fun 😀  so we took a chart-heavy deep-dive into my interview with Teddy Vallee.

We explore WHY rising interest rates are clobbering not just growthy tech stocks, but other sectors as well - sectors you wouldn't typically think of. 

Lastly we attempt to redefine the mind-boggling question - what IS reflation? Is it inflation that the bond vigilantes fear - or is it that GROWTH is attracting their capital elsewhere?


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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Vol. 3 March 2021

In this issue:

•Thought Bubble: The Exchange Discusses “Is Everything A Bubble?”

•The Exchange + RVDB w/ @Ash Bennington  @Jack Farley @Nick Correa 

NEW FEATURE ROLLOUT:  Influence  Points (explained by  @Farrell Murphy original post 
And see my reference example for how to effectively answer a newbie question - pay attention to the reaction more so than the answer 

•The Exchange Portfolio Commentary. NOTE: the real portfolio analysis from @Moritz Heiden is on his page click here for a fantastic, in depth look into the Hive Mind performance. 


And for anyone who is even the slightest bit impressed with what  Two Quants@Moritz Heidenhas created (a machine-learned asset manager out of data scraping RV Video text and a theoretical portfolio measuring even emotions ), and @Moritz Seibert (brilliant interviews on behalf of Real Vision, as well as the newly launched  TwoQuants YouTube channel) - oh, and while they also somehow do their day jobs as MunichRe CIO (@Moritz Seibert)  & Head of Quant Research (@Moritz Heiden ) ... 

Make sure you check out their recent launch  of TwoQuants FOCUS -Monthly Market & Trading Report 

Also check out TwoQuants Position Sizing Calculator with @Seth Dingle 





Congrats to contributors (aka people to follow): @Jeremiah S @Moritz Heiden @John Ahearn @Craig P @Matt Daniell @Sam Colt 


My favourite gold miner is a little different.  Soon to be listed on the ASX will be E3S (E3sixty). Essentially they take e-waste as whole items (phones, laptops, tower computers, PCB's etc) requiring no deconstruction - batteries and all - and process them in a way that produces cleaned emissions and a synthetic ore containing between 150 and 550 gpt gold (depending on feedstock).  Aluminium and steel frames and chassis are recycled and significantly cover operating costs.  Importantly the synthetic ore is not amalgamated so all elements can be recovered including gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, rare earths, lithium and cobalt.

This co solves a staggering ecological problem (ewaste is brutally toxic), securely destroys data, and recovers that which has already been mined in an exothermic way allowing heat/electricity capture.  Metrics on profitability cannot be shared at this time due to the proximity to listing suffice to say that I know of no other zero cost primary gold miner.

Get in touch for more information.


Being based in Australia I love the Australian gold miners. I am a mining engineer from Canada but primarily with experience in the gold industry in Western Australia. Australian mining practices are best in the world in my experience, with highest levels of production and best implementation of new technologies.

I think Northern Star is a fantastic company that I am buying into as the price dips at the moment. They have great mines (resource and reserve metrics), are a relatively low cost producer, and have an excellent mangement and operational structure with a history of success. They have a proven track record, and as a dividend paying gold miner this is another attraction for me. They have just merged with Saracen, and gained some great assets from them and inherited some great people from them. They are also branching outside of Australia and bought their first overseas mine in Alaska.

Another company I like is Newcrest as they are a bulk, low cost producer, and I think will fair very well when we eventually see a decent uptick in gold price. They have an opportunity for very very high profit margins if the gold price increases significantly due to their very low mining cost profile.

A more speculative pick would be Resolute mining with a key project in Mali that has been underperforming, that I think they will turn around, and I think their share price will rebound well.

On a side note, I am no chartist, but is... (More)