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Alternative Investments

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  • haley_d
    Investing in Psychedelics
    I thought there would be more interest on the platform in learning about the psychedelics industry as part of an emerging healthcare sector that could have similar growth potential as cannabis. It's early for sure and there is certainly a stigma still around psychedelics but I wanted to introduce the sector as a burgeoning investment because doctors are prescribing micro-dosing of drugs like ketamine, MDMA, and LSD and there is a lot more clinical research and support from the FDA so we could s…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Diversity of Thought: Haley Draznin on The Exchange
    Welcome @Haley Draznin for her first video appearance on the Exchange, where we discuss her off-camera / behind-the-scenes role at RV (the literal reason we subscribe to RV), the $60 trillion generational wealth transfer underway, alternative investments / death of 60/40. And by far the most important topic addressed on the Exchange, the critical need for women - not just in financial markets, but on the Exchange itself. https://vimeo.com/530564023Haley’s Interviews on Alternative Investments …
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  • sam_c
    Content/ Guest Request: Ludovic Phalippou. Topic: Private Equity
    As the SEC is making it easier for retail to access Private Equity directly and big groups like Vanguard are working on PE products for retail. The PE propaganda has been deployed to talk about the asset class outperformance vs the public markets. As seasoned investors know one of the important rules in investing is Caveat Emptor. Nonetheless, just a few people take the time to look at these outperformance claims critically. In comes  Ludovic Phalippou, a french academic at Oxford (+++ points …
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Hodling art or the art of hodling
    Those of you who have been long time subscribers already know. The Twoquants (@Moritz Seibert and I) like to talk about pieces of algorithmic art in our portfolio updates. Such as the graphics on our website or our all-time favorite by Manolo Gamboa.  And we like alternative asset classes. Not just since Janet Yellen promised to "act big" on financial easing at her nomination hearing to be US Treasury Secretary in January. This "spend now - pay later" attitude is well know…
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