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  • 21e6
    The Real Vision social token
    So RV Team, I have a question... Are you guys working on or considering a Real Vision Social / Community token?  I'd love to participate, and invest, in an experiment around some form of tokonomics model for the Real Crypto tier.  Also what would happen if we incentivise Exchange contributors with some form of RV token?  This thought was spurred from a video call between Wissam, Jeremiah & myself and a few posts I've been seeing on the exchange. Thoughts?
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  • sam_c
    DBS, JPM and Temasek partner in APAC to create a blockchain platform.
    Heavyweights collaborating;
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  • Steve Billigmeier
    Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi Venture Funds
    It would be great to get anyone's perspective on the best Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi venture funds? Specifically, funds that are currently taking on new LPs and minimum investments in the $250-500k range.  I've just been investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last couple years, but looking to expand my investments in this sector. Thank you for any feedback and perspectives.   
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