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  • Kyle Cooper
    Recession/Depression Escape Strategy & Maybe an Answer to Wealth Inequality: Thought Experiment ...
         I would like to propose a thought experiment...I literally thought of this 10 minutes ago, so it's a rough draft:     In order to stimulate the economy out of recessions/depressions, what if every citizen was given equal amounts of fiscal stimulus cash AND an equivalent debt payment credit at the same time (on regular intervals).  It may or may not require an expiration date...not sure yet.  I assume it would have to be a central bank cryptocurrency or something like that to make this work…
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  • nikita_g
    Goodreads on RV: Session 3 - Brent Johnson
    Hi everyone, With year end holidays coming for many of us, this could be a great opportunity to let go of the daily price movements and pick up a great book. Continuing with the book recommendations from some of the best contributors on Real Vision, today our guest is Mr. Brent Johnson aka Santiago Capital on Twitter. As always, this is by no means an exhaustive list. It has been compiled based on direct input from Brent and some of his public appearances. Without further ado and in no particu…
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