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  • Darius Dale - Founder & CEO of 42 Macro
    We're talking China risk on the Daily Briefing later today. Drop your questions!
    Today’s refresh of the global economic calendar draws our attention to China’s August high-frequency GROWTH hard data, which were confirming of our GRID Model’s view of a deepening slowdown in the mainland economy. Retail Sales and Industrial Production both slowed to rates comparable to last summer, while Fixed Assets Investment slowed to a rate consistent with the end of last year. There are several key POLICY initiatives weighing on Chinese economic activity at the moment, and none of them …
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    China's Plunge Protection team?
    Bloomberg News released a story this afternoon explaining that a Chinese "regulator convened a virtual meeting with executives of major investment banks" Wednesday night, which is an "attemp[t] to ease market fears about Beijing’s crackdown on the private education industry."   The NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index is up about 8.85% (right now) on the back of this news. The article focused on regulatory actions in the education sector but omitted discussion of regulatory act…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party telling people to buy the dips and "reassur[ing] readers that the big picture of the economy and liquidity remained intact." China’s state media moves to reassure rattled investors after rout wiped US$574 billion off stock market Zhang Shidong Tue., July 27, 2021, 12:48 a.m.·3 min read China’s state media are on a mission to talk up the b…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    With Chinese stocks top of mind, here is a look at two indices focused on China. A tale of two i...
    The first index, the SSE Composite, is a stock market index of all stocks that are traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Year to Date: -1.01% The second index, the NASDAQ Golden Dragon China, is composed of U.S.-listed Chinese stocks. Year to Date: -26.94%
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    It looks like a Cultural Revolution of Tech is happening before our eyes.
    China's Tencent ordered to end exclusive music contracts JOE McDONALD, AP Business Writer July 23, 2021 Updated: July 23, 2021 8:43 p.m. BEIJING (AP) — Internet giant Tencent was ordered by regulators to end exclusive contracts with music copyright holders, adding to increased enforcement of anti-monopoly and other rules as Beijing tightens control over booming online industries. Tencent control…
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  • sam_c
    Boss left on vacation, her boss is on vacation I got an hour to kill what can you reccomend me fr...
    Boss left on vacation, her boss is on vacation I got an hour to kill what can you reccomend me from RV?
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Ralph Humphrey
    Big story. Is China's economy slowing? Is it good for Chinese equities? I believe so. What do... China cuts reserve requirements to support economic recovery POINTS * The People’s Bank of China said on its website it would cut the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for all banks by 50 basis points (bps), effective from July 15. * Banks that are subject to an RRR of 5% will be exempted from the new cut. China will cut the amount of cash that banks must hold as reserves, releasing around 1 tril…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • sam_c
    Demographics and pensions china
    There has been news in china regarding the new kid policy. You can now have 3.  But seems like when they allowed 2 in 2016 it didn't really increase baby making. 2016 new 2 kid policy wasn't a huge success.   Popular Economic Reasons given for lower birthrate; -woman are working and are financially independent, child bearing either postponed or less attractive. -education and housing have become really expensive. -Chinese take care of their elderly parents. And since they retire early…
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  • sam_c
    JPM Deck on china
    Here is a deck with lots of data on China:          here its interesting to see how different MSCI China is from the S&P 500   For the Bond people     
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  • sam_c
    Cool post on the Chinese Remnibi
    Interesting read on the Chinese currency Comes with a nice visualization.     
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  • sam_c
    Adding Research on Copper & it's relationship with EV's and anything electrification.
    LlplHere is a report and some slides to add to the collaborative piece on copper posted by @Olivier Asset a couple of months back: Some interesting things from the attached report:      a lot more copper in an EV  and from RV guest Warren Pies     And some China Related Slides:    As noted here, Remember the political issues in Chile?    Supply / Demand:    From a report fro…
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  • Real Vision
    Marko Papic, partner and chief strategist at Clocktower Group, joins Michael Green to discuss how...
    Marko Papic, partner and chief strategist at Clocktower Group, joins Michael Green to discuss how and why geopolitics will have major effects on markets in the coming years with a particular focus on U.S.-China relations. They discuss everything from Taiwan and the issue of semiconductor supply chains to other actors like Russia as well as the merits and faults of Cold War analogies. They also touch on what Papic calls "the most important macro chart of this cycle" and the domestic is…
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  • Real Vision
    Clete Willems, a former senior member of Trump's trade team and now a current partner at law firm...
    Clete Willems, a former senior member of Trump's trade team and now a current partner at law firm Akin Gump, joins Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison for a deep-dive conversation about global trade relations. Willems outlines how a rivalry between China and the United States is dominating global trade, geopolitical and national security policy, and how the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated tensions between the two behemoths. He also notes Trump's focus on trade and bilateral trade defic…
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  • sam_c
    Why is china still classified as a "emerging"?
    Why is china still classified as a "emerging"?
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  • Garrett Chau
    Is having Kyle Bass as an interviewer an example of: 1) welcoming all points of view; or 2) RV fa...
    Raoul Pal's stance is that he and Real Vision do not take political sides. RV welcomes all points of view including those which are controversial as varying perspectives helps us better understand markets. However and in light of the shootings in Atlanta and the increasing amount of violence against Asian-Americans, is there a point in which RV should consider that Kyle Bass' rhetoric isn't solely about markets but perpetuates something else?  In Kyle Bass' most recent stint as an interviewer,…
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  • sam_c
    National security commission on AI (NSCAI) report on AI is out.
    For those interested in AI, autonomous vehicles, 5G, Quantum computing, bio-informatics, semi's ... Here is a link to a report assessing the american capabilities Regarding AI. It's huge but there is an exec summary. Here is eric smith (yes,the ex google ceo) breaking down this 700 page report on the pacific century podcast (Hoover institution).…
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  • Real Vision
    WHAT’S REALLY DRIVING CHINA’S STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES?Taylor Fravel and Michael Green Taylor Fravel, Arthur and Ruth Sloan Professor of Political Science and director of the MIT Security Studies Program, sits down with his long-time friend Mike Green of Logica Capital Advisors to discuss a multitude of factors affecting China's strategic objectives. Although they examine certain aspects like demographics and the trajectory of growth for China's military, the focus of the interview is on geography and how China’s large number of land borders and thei…
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  • max_w
    Hot Button Issues on Real Vision: China, COVID, Climate Change
    Mike Green has now done 3 interviews that touched on China. Two with arguably pro-China guests (Grantham and Gave) and another with a decidedly anti-China guest (Dr. Ward). In each case it felt like many more people in the audience had already made up their mind compared with say the inflation/deflation debate. The same can be said of other hot-button issues like COVID and climate change. I have a view on all of these issues and want to be able to discuss but the discourse and comments around t…
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