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climate change

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  • sam_c
    EU Commission released their plan for reducing net emissions by at least 55%
    Today the EU Commission unveiled their big Green plan and the ETS is a really big part of it  something @Raoul Pal discussed with Pierre Andurand)   Also, this is related to this post on the exchange:…
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  • max_w
    Hot Button Issues on Real Vision: China, COVID, Climate Change
    Mike Green has now done 3 interviews that touched on China. Two with arguably pro-China guests (Grantham and Gave) and another with a decidedly anti-China guest (Dr. Ward). In each case it felt like many more people in the audience had already made up their mind compared with say the inflation/deflation debate. The same can be said of other hot-button issues like COVID and climate change. I have a view on all of these issues and want to be able to discuss but the discourse and comments around t…
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