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  • Real Vision
    Ask Me Anything, With Jon Turek!
    Check out the interview between Jon Turek and Luke Kawa (Director at UBS Asset Allocation) here Jon Turek joins us for an "AMA" thread. If you don't know about Jon, he is the founder of JST Advisors and runs the Cheap Convexity blog. You can also find Jon on twitter, here. Jon has a long track record of providing unique insights into the global macro space. Over the next week or so, Jon will be answering questions on this thread. Give the thread a "follow" and ask away! 
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  • Stefan Clulow
    European Natgas, Gazprom and the EU Carbon Markets
    There is an interesting dynamic playing out in the European natural gas market.  Gazprom (read: Putin) wants a German certification body to give NS2 a thumbs up.  That body has a regulatory veto over NS2, a project that has been politically blessed recently by Germany and the US.  It is a very independent body in a very law-abiding country and I understand there are big legal concerns about whether NS2 adds to competition in the natgas market.  It doesn’t and instead entrenches Gazprom’s share …
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  • Real Vision
    Ask Me Anything, With John Floyd.
    We recently interviewed John Floyd, head of macro strategies at Record Currency Management, where John explains his macro strategies for trading currencies and insights into the bond market. Floyd walks through macro indicators that he watches to inform his trades and develop his variant perception.  These data points have led Floyd to become bearish on the dollar relative to the yen. He also sees slowing economic growth, tensions between Northern and Southern Europe, and rising delta variant …
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  • Stefan Clulow
    A Sudbury Saturday Night
    I was glad to see the workers at the old Inco mines in Sudbury - the mining camp in Northern Ontario now owned by Vale, come to a deal with the bosses in Brazil.   When I grew up in Sudbury in the ‘70s and 80s, mining was a big deal - whole communities of Italians, Irish, Croats, Serbs, Hungarians, Finns, Franco-Ontarians,  Ukranians and Poles (mixed Polish and Ukranian friends were affectionately called Pukes back then) made good lives out of that ore.  They all had halls, clubs and other ass…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    RealVision Daily Briefing Q&A with Tony Greer
    With U.S. stocks trading with increased volatility, bonds trading higher, crypto falling, Tony dives into what risks are markets pricing in currently, and what opportunities does that lead to for investors?  Tony Greer of TG Macro joins Ash Bennington, senior editor at Real Vision, to discuss Greer’s impression of the action today. Do you have any questions for the duo? 
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Week Ahead (Video + Calendar) Mon Aug 2 - Fri Aug 6 Ahead: Mon Aug 2- Fri Aug 6 US Debt Ceiling reinstated yesterday (Sun), US Treasury Dept starts using extraordinary measures Final week of Tokyo Olympics (Closing Ceremony Sun, Tokyo Paralympics following) Monday August 02 (Holidays: Canada) •  China Caixin Manufacturing PMI  JUL • Japan Consumer Confidence   • Germany: Institutional Funds (Spezialfonds) law allowing for up to 20% allocation to crypto in effect Tuesday August 03  •  🏦🇦🇺 RBA Policy Decisio…
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  • Stefan Clulow
    It is snowing in Brazil.
    Anyone else taking a punt on coffee futures or JO?
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes Episode 4: End of the Used Car Madness (& ⅓ of CPI)? this episode: •Brad Breakfast Index PRICE ALERT- No Trade *  •Used Cars: Insanity continues / worsens, BUT... •New Car Supply Floods In → End of Used Car Price FOMO → End of >5% CPI? •LTL Hits the Supply Chain & Getting Worse (as warned!) * This was recorded before @Jack Farley  ’s RV Live interview with commods expert Shawn Hackett on Brazil’s major coffee frost →  WHAT THE MILLENNIUM’S FIRST MAJOR COFFEE FROST MEANS FOR AG COMMODITIES Question for al…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing Exchange After Hours w/ Jack & Weston (Wed Jul 28 2021) you all for your questions from the Exchange  @Bill T @Tamim Sultan @Muddshir Hussain !  Jack and I discuss BTC, BTC & crypto scene in Japan, a taste of the next episode of Exchanging Lanes with @Brad S and disruptions in the Brad Breakfast Index - explained via @Jack Farley on RV Live w/ Shawn Hackett on coffee futures from yesterday.   Trade Idea posts (open & closing) ↓  (July 6) LONG “Capitalism” / SHORT “…with Chinese characteristics” (July 27)…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing Questions for Today
    Hey everyone, I’ll be on the Daily Briefing today with @Jack Farley to discuss July FOMC (out at 2pm EST / Chair Powell at 2:30pm EST), and China equities vs US (short CQQQ / long QQQ closed yesterday), along with Cathie Wood & Delta/Tokyo Olympics risk update.   Please post your questions below! (And as usual, anything that doesn’t get answered due to time, I’ll come back to and answer on the Exchange following!)  Thanks everyone!
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  • Marc_Johnson
    Webinar on the Carbon Market
    I watched this webinar (I missed the live version) which included some of the key players in the (future) formation of a carbon market that can function at scale. The market is very diffuse right now -- there are 64 different markets! -- but demand for carbon offset credits is escalating at such a steep rate (might I say exponential?) that these guys think there will be a functioning worldwide carbon market (i.e. something akin to Brent Crude or WTI) within 2-5 years.  One interesting factoid …
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