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  • jack_f
    Market Update + Drop Your Questions For Daily Briefing
    Hello Exchange! I’m going on Real Vision Daily Briefing live at 4PM EST later with Ash Bennington and Dion Rabouin! Here is a quick market update: Stocks rather lackluster performance today after a strong rally off a 20 day low yesterday. No real dispersion this afternoon as all major indices down around 60 basis points. Cryptos slightly mixed this afternoon as well with Bitcoin struggling somewhat but Ethereum in the green. We continue to see the alt-coins outperform Bitcoin. What I am reall…
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  • Real Vision
    Real Vision Daily Briefing: Tony Greer!
    It's Tony Tuesday! Real Vision's Ash Bennington joins Tony Greer to discuss all things happening across various markets. From Crypto to Macro, they got you covered on what they see.  Drop your questions in for the duo below! 
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  • denis_t
    What do you think about the hippo's idea?
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  • Moritz Heiden
    The first REAL Real Vision Bot Portfolio
    Long time no Update from the survey or Bot. Since survey participation looks good I assume you are all following the updates on the website. A few days ago I moved to the next step: creating a real world example of the Bot‘s portfolio. The easiest solution and a natural choice was the Crypto portfolio. I chose Enzyme as a platform. The Team is very helpful and it helped that Mona, the CEO has already been on RV (…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    I would like to add some new topics to the Exchange survey and the Real Vision Bot's portfolio. W...
    I would like to add some new topics to the Exchange survey and the Real Vision Bot's portfolio. What would you (the community) prefer in terms of assets? The Bot's choice is quite clear, given that it is "the Robot of the altcoin space" (his AI really produced this quote by itself)
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