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  • Weston Nakamura
    Week Ahead: 8/23-8/27 Calendar
    (Calendar only, Week Ahead Video coming later) US House of Reps back in session to vote on $1 trillion infrastructure bill + $3.5 trillion budget resolution Mon 8/23 Japan, Germany, France, UK PMI US existing home sales Earnings: Tues 8/24 Germany GDP US New Home Sales UST 2yr auction Earnings: Best Buy Wed 8/25 US Durable Goods Orders UST 5yr Auction Jackson Hole Day 1 Thurs 8/26 ECB Minutes  US GDP UST 7yr Auction Earnings: Dollar General, Dollar Tree Jackson Hole D…
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  • Real Vision
    Ask Me Anything, With Jon Turek!
    Check out the interview between Jon Turek and Luke Kawa (Director at UBS Asset Allocation) here Jon Turek joins us for an "AMA" thread. If you don't know about Jon, he is the founder of JST Advisors and runs the Cheap Convexity blog. You can also find Jon on twitter, here. Jon has a long track record of providing unique insights into the global macro space. Over the next week or so, Jon will be answering questions on this thread. Give the thread a "follow" and ask away! 
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  • Real Vision
    Ask Me Anything, With John Floyd.
    We recently interviewed John Floyd, head of macro strategies at Record Currency Management, where John explains his macro strategies for trading currencies and insights into the bond market. Floyd walks through macro indicators that he watches to inform his trades and develop his variant perception.  These data points have led Floyd to become bearish on the dollar relative to the yen. He also sees slowing economic growth, tensions between Northern and Southern Europe, and rising delta variant …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    July CPI downside miss trade: 30y UST + gold + Softbank
    30y UST Futures (ZB): delta neutral w/ upside convexity bias (long end yields fall) 4:1 ratio calls to futures: •Long Sept 165 Calls (25 ∆) •Short ZBU1 Sept 30y futures  time horizon: close at 8:31am - end of week Long Gold calls on futures (GC): 1775 / 1800 call spread time horizon: close at 8:31am - end of week Long Softbank (my “long tech“ expression - as explained to @Jeremiah S Softbank, via japan listed 9984 Softbank + US listed SFTBY (for ”round the clock” trading). this is my “n…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes Episode 5: Will CPI MISS to the Downside? this Episode: •One Last Look at the Used & New Car Market Ahead of US July CPI, tomorrow (Wed 8/11) •Used Cars and Trucks have contributed to ⅓ of the index in the previous 2 months, where CPI came in at/above 5%. •Consensus Estimates undershot headline CPI for the past 4 consecutive months. This time, consensus is at an aggressive 5.3%, matching last month’s actual figure. Used Car prices are expected to remain ↑ •Yet, @Brad S and I see a potentially very …
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    What is your most obvious trade right now?
    With markets starting to go side-ways, what are you seeing in terms of opportunity? Or maybe is the time to just go enjoy the summer and leave markets alone? The more I look at the screens today, the more I am leaning towards the later and just stay long crypto? 
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing Questions for Today
    Hey everyone, I’ll be on the Daily Briefing today with @Jack Farley to discuss July FOMC (out at 2pm EST / Chair Powell at 2:30pm EST), and China equities vs US (short CQQQ / long QQQ closed yesterday), along with Cathie Wood & Delta/Tokyo Olympics risk update.   Please post your questions below! (And as usual, anything that doesn’t get answered due to time, I’ll come back to and answer on the Exchange following!)  Thanks everyone!
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Episode 3 this episode: •Brand new used cars •The Brad Breakfast Index •The Other “Chip” Shortage •Pics from the Road - pipes, glass, Tesla juice Please us know what you’re seeing out there too - related to any of the above or not! And as always - thank you for your feedback and participation! (By the way, while @Brad S is wearing his “Irresponsibly Long” tshirt, I’m wearing my Japanese version I had made - “Irresponsible Buy & Hold” to be exact)   Previous Episod…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Traded Fun: Spending BTC in Tokyo
    Here is a weekend “educational“ (stupid) video on how to spend BTC in Japan (where BTC has been legal means of payment for some time now), WHY I would spend BTC vs fiat in the first place (in trivial amounts), and my general/everyday causing mischief around Tokyo. Originally recorded Sun 4/18 (few hours after BTC mini crash). thank you all for the birthday wishes!
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