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Markets meandering and Tom Thornton joins Maggie Lake for today's Daily Briefing! Click here for the latest market update AND drop your questions for when the duo go live at 4PM EST!

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Need a brief primer on market happenings for this week? Check out Petr's Week Ahead Video and Market Brief Here


Discussion List

  • Steve Billigmeier
    Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi Venture Funds
    It would be great to get anyone's perspective on the best Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi venture funds? Specifically, funds that are currently taking on new LPs and minimum investments in the $250-500k range.  I've just been investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last couple years, but looking to expand my investments in this sector. Thank you for any feedback and perspectives.   
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  • liam_g
    Synthetic equities in Defi to access frontier markets?
    Curious on the Hive's thoughts/experience with synthetic stocks in DeFi? I'm thinking of DApps like Mirror.  * Can/do we really understand the risks of synthetic stocks on blockchains (operational/tech/tracking risk/oracles/game theory/arbs)? * Should these derivatives be discounted to the "real" stocks?   * Could these synthetics be used to gain access to frontier markets? 
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