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Derivatives & Options Trading

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  • Real Vision
    With bonds selling off alongside equities and the volatility of both asset classes rising, there ...
    With bonds selling off alongside equities and the volatility of both asset classes rising, there is perhaps no better time to hear from The Convexity Maven himself, Harley Bassman. In this interview with Logica Capital Advisors partner, chief strategist, and PM Mike Green, Bassman outlines his view that this move higher in rates is the bond market finally moving towards the "right" price after a decade of interest rate suppression. Green and Bassman discuss the positive and negative c…
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  • bobby_j
    3/4 ARKG Trading Analysis/Observations
      Following up on yesterdays post: Here is the ARKG chart updated for today, updated with a column for each stocks performance during the day, A/H, and aggregated, as well as daily volume - as I feel each are important metrics to evaluate as well.   I'll repost the comment I wrote this morning analyzing the data, and add my thoughts on todays trades below:   Fr…
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  • bobby_j
    ARK Liquidity Risk - ARKG Analysis
    I've noticed a lot of chatter about how illiquid ARKK is, but not nearly enough about ARKG - which still has shares available to borrow (and at a much cheaper rate) and lower IV's due to lack of TSLA exposure, despite hiving a .99 correlation to ARKK thus far in 2021, and being substantially more illiquid.   In an effort to track a put option / short position I got into on ARKG, I started pulling the CVS file from the ARK website each day with the holdings of each ETF (ARKG, ARKK, ARKW, ARKQ, …
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  • Mason Chan
    Can someone explain to me why vanna is postive for calls and short puts and vice versa?
    I am reading more on second derivatives and something is baffling me. Nearly every page that talks about vanna(really just a handful) all say calls and short puts have positive vanna and short calls and long puts have negative vanna. why is this? If I am long a call, yes I want the IV to keep going up to increase the value of the call. This makes sense. If I am short a put, I don't want IV's to go up, therefore shouldn't I want vanna to be negative? Similarly, for gamma, long puts and calls ar…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Dropbox Option Strategies
    Dropbox announced a convertible note offering a few days ago. Overall number is $1.135 Billion.  Latest Q4 2020 results were solid earnings per share rose 75.00% year over year to $0.28, which beat the estimate of $0.24. Revenue of $504,100,000 up by 13.03% year over year, which beat the estimate of $498,640,000. So maybe their intention is to follow Microstrategy and use the proceeds to buy bitcoin? They suffered from the recent tech sell off, but price action seemed steady before Short …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    A market wizard + one Quant
    Unknown no longer - Jason Shapiro interviewed by TwoQuants @Moritz Seibert. If anyone needs a rundown of + practical use cases on CFTC COT positioning data (including BTC futures short positioning → BTC rally), among many other critical lessons for individual investors/traders up against institutions, you need to watch this 
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Real Vision Exchange Survey 09/2021
    Make sure to vote in this week's @Real Vision Exchange survey and determine the direction of the Hive mind portfolio. If you haven't already checked out previous week's results, you can find these on the dashboard or on the Exchange. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SURVEY The survey will be open each week from Wednesday (around 9am EST) to Saturday (9am EST). Results will be made available on the weekend. I'll post results here as well as on Twitter. Once we have a decent history of sentiment, I'…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Short term put/ put spread on ICE Exchange
    While ICE is in an upward trend, it might make sense to hedge for potential fallout from trading losses due to the spike in energy prices "After the market closed Friday, stunned traders scrambled to work out how much additional funds they would need to set aside for the following week. Some trading houses were extremely nervous. An executive at one said he was worried that some counterparties could go bust and leave his firm with positions to fill on the spot market." Source En…
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  • daniel_l
    What Put Options should I buy to hedge?
    Obviously a very open-ended question.  Hoping for a lot of different solutions...
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  • eugene_m
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  • Moritz Heiden
    2Q Conversations with Greg Zuckerman
    @Moritz Seibert and I decided to launch a dedicated video channel: 2Q Conversations. We have a passion for speaking with, and learning from, interesting people. Interesting because they are bright minds, smart traders, experts in their fields of business, or simply because they hold uncommon or unique views. And you know, it’s even more interesting when these views challenge our own views.  We want to have conversations only with great people, and only about great topics. Our guests tend to be…
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  • Kevin
    I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on TLT March call options, specifically the timeframe. I'm ge...
    I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on TLT March call options, specifically the timeframe. I'm getting antsy and considering buying June calls. Any other hedges other than crypto? Cheers!!
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  • Weston Nakamura
    📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Feb 2021, Issue #02
    Download the newest edition of Inside the Hive Mind, Feb 2021 ! this issue: • The Exchange had discussed a long GME trade on a massive short squeeze that would rival VW in ‘08 - back in Oct’20. Exchange also had the foresight for the WSB army - also since Oct’20. •An overview of Jan, the month that put retail investors front and center  •The Exchange‘s View on Meme Names •Brokerage Risk •The Hive Mind Portfolio Review (spoiler alert - were still crushing it)…
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  • nathan_z
    Hi there, I am looking for concrete/quantitative examples of hedging strategy for a 100k retail p...
    Hi there, I am looking for concrete/quantitative examples of hedging strategy for a 100k retail portfolio. I understand every investor and portfolio are different, but I am curious about how you do it: For example if you have SPX, VIX or TLT options, how many, at which strike price, when do they expire?
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  • Real Vision
    Emergency Market Update from Raoul
     The combination of market maker positioning, hedge fund positioning, retail positioning, excessive leverage, market technicals, and real economic risk from COVID are the biggest set of sell signals @Raoul Pal  has ever seen, and although he understands why everyone is jumping on the current anti-establishment narratives around Robinhood, he believes people are missing the bigger story here of unprecedented market risk. All the stars are aligning, and Raoul is extremely concerned about what cou…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup Special Edition: ‘Hoodies Get Even Experts: @Jeremiah S @Sam Colt @Max Wiethe @Jack Farley @Farrell Murphy  Mentioned RV Video Content, Exchange Activity, Resources:  Best Video to Understand This Historic Week:  RVDB  Fri Jan 29 Gamestop Gamma Wall w/ @Ash Bennington , @Edward Harrison  @Jack Farley  & guest Lily Francus  Lily Francus-nope_its_lily ← brilliant  Jim Bianco & Ed Harrison Tackle GME AMC & Inflation RVDB Jan 27 w/ @Max Wiethe @Edward Harrison  - Ed Nails the GenZ Trad…
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  • jack_f
    Tracking the GameStop Money Flow - Gamma Squeeze Explained
    In this episode of "The Breakdown," @Nick Correa and I are joined by special guest and derivatives expert @Weston Nakamura (you may know him simply as "king bee of the hive mind"). What do we talk about? Duh. GameStop. Weston breaks down the market mechanics of the "Gamma squeeze" and how the creation of new ever-higher strike prices is integral to the stohnk going nuclear. We filmed this Wednesday afternoon, "just after market close" (as @Ash Benningt…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Real Vision Exchange Survey 05/2021
    You are probably either busy piling into GME or pondering the next move of the wallstreetbet crowd. Anyway, would be great if you could take a minute to participate in this week's @Real Vision Exchange survey. Since the topic of the week is overshorted underdog stocks I even included a little question on current "hot" wallstreetbets stocks. Let's see how exposed survey participants are to that selection of recently quite well performing equities. And yes, I've been both: short and th…
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  • sam_c
    Moar Vol and VIX with Jason Buck and Ben Eifert
    Jason Buck and Tyler Pearson have been talking to a handful of Volatility traders on RV.  Jason recently interviewed Ben Eifert who has amassed quite a following on twitter and also runs a fund called QVR.  Their conversation is quite a sandwich (24 pages or 1h16 min of podcast) but fun quite insightful. Since the topic of Vol is quite complicated and filled with jargon so I used to make a transcript of the interview. The transcript is like 95 ish % correct, so the spelling can be of…
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