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  • sam_c
    Moar Vol and VIX with Jason Buck and Ben Eifert
    Jason Buck and Tyler Pearson have been talking to a handful of Volatility traders on RV.  Jason recently interviewed Ben Eifert who has amassed quite a following on twitter and also runs a fund called QVR.  Their conversation is quite a sandwich (24 pages or 1h16 min of podcast) but fun quite insightful. Since the topic of Vol is quite complicated and filled with jargon so I used to make a transcript of the interview. The transcript is like 95 ish % correct, so the spelling can be of…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse 2020 Finale: Moritz Heiden, Two Quants
    Results are in: +22.78%, we crushed it.  We, the Exchange, outperformed the Real Vision Bot Portfolio (RV interviewed guests- yes, the very people we are here to seek financial guidance from) by 2x the percentage points (RV Bot +11.30%). Oh, and we also destroyed SPX by +16%, and that’s with a healthy SPX +6% rally, as well as sidestepping the entire US election volatility. Find out how we did it in my discussion with @Moritz Heiden of Two Quants (the other quant being @Moritz Seibert), br…
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  • Real Vision
      In case you missed anything, get up to speed with a list of our favorite VIDEOS OF THE WEEK! ★ BONDS ★ EQUITIES ★ FOREX ★ COMMODITIES ★ PRECIOUS METALS ★ REAL ESTATE ★ CRYPTO ★ MACRO CHAT And of course, don’t forget this week’s THE EXCHANGE VIDEOS! ★ THE DISCOURSE  ★ THE BREAKDOWN
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Shoutout to Sunsets - Response to Jack F & Jaymes R
    ...adding my unsolicited (I don’t care) thoughts to the video posted by @Jack Farley chatting with @Jaymes Rosenthal yesterday: • As WTI crude futures traded in negative territory and the lowest strike listed for WTI crude puts was $1 Put, that strike somehow went $38 DEEP in the money...  • Cheers Jaymes for your last day trading futures in Chicago - you survived! 👍 • “Shoutout to sunsets” here to see Jack n’ Jaymes’ full video from yesterday that I’m respo…
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  • jack_f
    Negative Oil. Poker. Futures [email protected]"Jaymes Rosenthal" shares his secrets in our inaugural after
    Negative Oil. Poker. Futures trading. @"Jaymes Rosenthal" shares his secrets in our inaugural afterhours conversation. I had a lot of fun chatting with Jaymes - let me know if you'd like to see us do this again!
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Watch the trailer for The Discourse debut later today (feat. Sam Colt)
    Preview for The Exchange’s weekly show The Discourse - debut episode later today featuring ExChangemaker @Sam Colt !! Sam & Weston dive into The Exchange, explore why quality engagement is key, and reveal best practices & tips for maximizing value extraction.  Series Premiere from inside the hive! Watch the trailer below ↓
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  • tibor_z
    Hi, could someone help me with this?
    Hi. Raoul was talking about Eurodollar 100 strike call options. So it's a bet on the US goes to negative interest rates. He is talking about a possible 100X return. Can someone explain to me how to execute this trade? Thanks!  
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  • Weston Nakamura
    RV Presents: The AFTERMATH (Mon 23rd & Tues 24th)
    Election Day may have passed, but uncertainty is FAR from gone in a world where markets and policy collide like never before in modern history. Understanding the implications, not just of what's ahead, but what just happened, is critical.  Joe Biden and Donald Trump have broken records as getting the most and 2nd most popular votes in US history, with the highest voter turnout in over a century. Nearly 160 million Americans voters are deeply engaged in the political system. Shouldn't you be as…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Volatility Today - Nov VIX Expiry, CVOL, RV Live: VIX vs VAX
    In the volatility space today: * Nov VIX futures & options last trade date → expiry * CME’s new CVOL Index introduced  * RV LIVE at 3pm EST: Naufal Sanaullah, EIA All Weather Partners   Nov ”ELECTION VIX” to expire. Post election massive selling of vol premium has been large contributor to SPX ↑ (see note from yesterday) ↓  WATCH for Major VIX Expiry, Nov Last Trade Date Tomorrow → SPX Pivot Point?   CME announced new volatility indices: CVOL, for release H12021 (CME LINK HERE) Vol ind…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Is The Exchange Working? (Podcast w/ Matt Daniell)
    Last week, @Matt Daniell posted a simple question:  Is The Exchange Working? (link) For which he got a lot of feedback from Exchange members. I purposely didn’t interject into the conversation, and watched intently from the sidelines.  Over the weekend, I called Matt (who is based in Australia - my side of the planet for once!) to discuss, and had a great conversation about The Exchange that many may feel they can relate to. Matt was also kind enough to let me record our call for the benefit…
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