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  • Ralph Humphrey
    Tesla's earnings are out today.
    Elon Musk tweeted last week that Tesla will be opening up its charging network to all EVs, which is good because a recent survey revealed that 41% of consumers want their next car to be electric.  A look at the tweet and the overall share of the North American EV charging market Tesla will have is below.   Players in the North American charging market:
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  • Real Vision
    Week 1, Day 5: Nikolai Ardey, VW GroupVolkswagen Group Innovation Executive Director Nikolai Arde...
    Week 1, Day 5: Nikolai Ardey, VW Group Volkswagen Group Innovation Executive Director Nikolai Ardey joins Real Vision's Raoul Pal for an exclusive interview about the future of electric and autonomous vehicles, the advanced technology involved in cars as they become part of the Internet of Things, and an increase in shared mobility in megacities and developing countries. Ardey lays out a clear roadmap and strategy for the most feasible and reasonable ways that Volkswagen is adopting zero-emissi…
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  • sam_c
    Adding Research on Copper & it's relationship with EV's and anything electrification.
    LlplHere is a report and some slides to add to the collaborative piece on copper posted by @Olivier Asset a couple of months back:  https://exchange.realvision.com/post/a-collaborative-piece-on-copper-5fe174622177ea4f6e2d0f18 Some interesting things from the attached report:      a lot more copper in an EV  and from RV guest Warren Pies     And some China Related Slides:    As noted here, Remember the political issues in Chile?    Supply / Demand:    From a report fro…
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