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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Everything Rally (Except the bonds). Market Update / Tony Greer Q&A
    Happy Tuesday RV Members! Markets up for the 5th session in a row, on the S&P 500. After making a solid bottom which we talked about the Dow Jones holding those critical support zones, we have come up about 5% off the low range lows. The Nasdaq is leading the upside charge today, even with the rates rising. Bar chart of the S&P 500 cash index 10-year yields now back to highs of October at around 1.625% Cryptos largely in the green with Bitcoin up ~2% After initially trading lower in th…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    German court says EU rules apply to Nord Stream 2 pipeline The Nord Stream 2 operator claims the rules, amended in 2019, were aimed at torpedoing the pipeline. The project is strongly opposed by many European governments, some of whom see it as a Russian state venture designed to increase the bloc's dependence on Russian gas. The rules will cost NS 2, which links Germany directly with Russia under the Baltic Sea, additional time and …
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  • denis_t
    What do you think about the hippo's idea?
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing Exchange After Hours w/ Jack & Weston (Wed Jul 28 2021) you all for your questions from the Exchange  @Bill T @Tamim Sultan @Muddshir Hussain !  Jack and I discuss BTC, BTC & crypto scene in Japan, a taste of the next episode of Exchanging Lanes with @Brad S and disruptions in the Brad Breakfast Index - explained via @Jack Farley on RV Live w/ Shawn Hackett on coffee futures from yesterday.   Trade Idea posts (open & closing) ↓  (July 6) LONG “Capitalism” / SHORT “…with Chinese characteristics” (July 27)…
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  • sam_c
    EU Commission released their plan for reducing net emissions by at least 55%
    Today the EU Commission unveiled their big Green plan and the ETS is a really big part of it  something @Raoul Pal discussed with Pierre Andurand)   Also, this is related to this post on the exchange:…
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  • dani_b
    First-ever auction for U.K. emission allowances
    The auction cleared at £43.99 a metric ton, equivalent to about $62. That placed prices for U.K. allowances 2.7% higher than futures prices in the European Union’s carbon market, the world’s largest.  
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Short term put/ put spread on ICE Exchange
    While ICE is in an upward trend, it might make sense to hedge for potential fallout from trading losses due to the spike in energy prices "After the market closed Friday, stunned traders scrambled to work out how much additional funds they would need to set aside for the following week. Some trading houses were extremely nervous. An executive at one said he was worried that some counterparties could go bust and leave his firm with positions to fill on the spot market." Source En…
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  • Kenneth Kitchin
    Chevron underperformance?
    $CVX up 2.90%, but COP up 5.70& and XOM up 4.47%. Rally obviously tied to reflation narrative and oil price surge. But why the underperformance of $CVX today?
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  • sam_c
    Uranium Primer BofA
    For those like me that don't know the first thing about Uranium except maybe that ze Germans don't want it anymore, the French love it and the Iranians would be more than happy to use it and everyone hates them for it  Here is a usefull primer:  Kazakstan = the United states of Uranium.
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Shoutout to Sunsets - Response to Jack F & Jaymes R
    ...adding my unsolicited (I don’t care) thoughts to the video posted by @Jack Farley chatting with @Jaymes Rosenthal yesterday: • As WTI crude futures traded in negative territory and the lowest strike listed for WTI crude puts was $1 Put, that strike somehow went $38 DEEP in the money...  • Cheers Jaymes for your last day trading futures in Chicago - you survived! 👍 • “Shoutout to sunsets” here to see Jack n’ Jaymes’ full video from yesterday that I’m respo…
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