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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Market Update: Full Bull. RVDB Questions? Drop Them Here
    Markets up up up again. Green across all world equity indices today. Nasdaq finally leading the charge again even with a strong rally on the yields today. Summer lows ended up holding well on the NQ Future. S&P breaking back above a short-term down-trend. Long term trends have broken down so would imagine some sort of resistance coming up soon but most likely closer to 4450 area than here. Treasuries with some heaviness today, possibly pricing in a solid jobs number tomorrow along with th…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    The Snapback. Market Update & Daily Briefing Q&A
    The Dow has held last week's support. This has been an important level for most of this year. From a trend perspective, looks like it is holding up well. The Dow is leading the charge up 75bps so far this afternoon with the Nasdaq barely staying in the green. Crypto is absolutely on fire today, most of the basket is up around 8% on the day. The 40K support level ended up being critical which we pointed out on the market update the last few posts! Jim Bianco and Ash Bennington will be on the D…
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  • nick_c
    The Breakdown Season 2 is here!
    Summer is over, class is back in session! Jack and I are back and ready for season 2 of The Breakdown! In this week’s episode, Jack breaks down real yields and how they impact the economy and asset prices. Hope you enjoy! Links to the original interviews:…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Market Update / Daily Briefing with Dion Rabouin & Steven van Metre. Drop your questions below!
    Stock markets firmly in the green today after a volatile week before. The Dow Jones is leading the charge, up more than 1.5% on the day with the S&P 500 trailing at around 1.1% -- Nasdaq relative weakness only up 0.91% compared to the other major averages. Initial trend line resistance on the Dow is all the way back near 35,500 -- or roughly 2.2% from here. Bitcoin trying to stay back above the 40,000 area after breaking down in the medium term. In general, the crypto market has taken a br…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Charting With Petr Episode 7
    Enjoy! Feel to drop requests or questions below.
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    What Is Your Most Obvious Trade Now? Macro / Crypto?
    I'm personally still just holding Tezos on this marketing push from upper management to try and get as many enterprise partners as possible. From the markets side, I have no idea. Carbon idea I posted here seems like it is the easiest to hold but entries are tough when it is this high. Curious on your quick blurbs!
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  • matthew_l
    Short Amazon - This Guy is Going naked =)
    I feel the time has come for Amazon to be in focus enough, alone after FB has been given a pass, to see some serious downfall. Charts are an easy look for a drop (I won't say correction). This is a very intuitive trade for me and took several months to decide if I would put it on. So I began building short yesterday at 3469. I don't recommend this to anyone, and it is not advice - financial or otherwise , I am not a financial advisor. The derivative route is obviously better for larger moves an…
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  • sam_c
    Adding Research on Copper & it's relationship with EV's and anything electrification.
    LlplHere is a report and some slides to add to the collaborative piece on copper posted by @Olivier Asset a couple of months back: Some interesting things from the attached report:      a lot more copper in an EV  and from RV guest Warren Pies     And some China Related Slides:    As noted here, Remember the political issues in Chile?    Supply / Demand:    From a report fro…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    I would like to add some new topics to the Exchange survey and the Real Vision Bot's portfolio. W...
    I would like to add some new topics to the Exchange survey and the Real Vision Bot's portfolio. What would you (the community) prefer in terms of assets? The Bot's choice is quite clear, given that it is "the Robot of the altcoin space" (his AI really produced this quote by itself)
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