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  • Raoul Pal
    Prepare for Lift Off
    My last GMI, out a couple of weeks ago featured a section about how damned bullish i am about crypto for the next few months. I'll feature the article in Macro Insiders /RV Pro on the 24th too. But for everyone on The Exchange, this sums it up. (ETH is more bullish even than this!). Ive been using this chart for a year now and it works nearly perfectly. The difference is this time, I think it overshoots 2017's pattern to the upside by elongating.
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  • Jason B
    BTC + Coffee + Meditation + Macro = I'm coming for you Cathie!!! Ha!!
    BTC may be range bound for a while.  42-47. Go Alts. This is based on EWT and wonky tone of the markets. Risk taking in on pause in my eyes... everywhere in the traditional markets.  There is also a huge amount of money on the sidelines waiting like a puppy at the pound.  Again, Go Alts.  This a potential stage on which new legitimate markets are borne... With Sept. 13 hopefully being the potential climax of the great American socialist experiment which started in earnest in 2008, maybe …
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  • David
    Titan Global Capital Management
    Does anyone have experience with Titan Global Capital Management? They are launching Titan Crypto this week. I own BTC, ETH, GBTC, ETCG, HUT, KROEF and about a dozen alt coins. I may throw a little capital there way as a diversifier.
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