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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Just a gentle reminder
    As a member of the Exchange, you should know the about the rules of engagement.  The first rule is no promotional material. If you see it, flag it down! We aim to keep an atmosphere that is built on constructive discourse about markets. Let's keep it that way! 
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  • Farrell Murphy
    Engage on the Exchange, Win Stuff…
    We are excited to announce Influence Points Rewards.  Basically, we want to reward you for your amazing contributions, engaging conversations, and all-round quality content on The Exchange.  It’s because of you – all of you – that The Exchange is as incredible as it is. So, starting next week, we will be awarding weekly and monthly prizes for the top influence point earners. If you don’t know about Influence Points or how to earn them, check out our Guide to the Exchange.  Up for grabs… * …
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  • Farrell Murphy
    At the end of the day today we will be consolidating a few of our exchanges to make discussing, searching, and posting about your favorite topics more intuitive and improve your Exchange experience.  Bonds, Forex, Commodities, and Precious Metals will now all be under one exchange “Global Assets.”  But don’t worry all your posts from the old exchanges will be moved to the new exchange, so you won’t lose any of your old content!
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  • Weston Nakamura
    (VIDEO) The Exchange’s Badges Explained + Why They Matter
    A few months ago, @Raoul Pal, behind his Cayman Islands bar, took out his phone and recorded an overly casual “can you guys record a video of yourselves discussing your personal financial journey and upload it online - thanks” And yet we happily obeyed.  Dozens of videos uploaded Immediately. Truly incredible. This is what comes of years of credibility building. This is how to tap the hive mind. Thanks for all the feedback to everyone from this weekend. Hopefully clarified (Original Announcem…
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