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Markets meandering and Tom Thornton joins Maggie Lake for today's Daily Briefing! Click here for the latest market update AND drop your questions for when the duo go live at 4PM EST!

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Need a brief primer on market happenings for this week? Check out Petr's Week Ahead Video and Market Brief Here


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  • sebastian_c
    Learning Futures Trading - on my to do list this year
    Would anybody on the exchange be willing to explain to me how futures trading works? I am happy to go through a simple corn futures trade. Even a small pdf with all the basics would be really appreciated. Seeing how La Nina is happening, the Hog Herd being built in China and a possible supply shortage occurring, I have the suspicion that the price will go up. I've heard timing is important in futures but not sure how that should affect my trade. Help is REALLY APPRECIATED 
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