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Markets meandering and Tom Thornton joins Maggie Lake for today's Daily Briefing! Click here for the latest market update AND drop your questions for when the duo go live at 4PM EST!

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Need a brief primer on market happenings for this week? Check out Petr's Week Ahead Video and Market Brief Here


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  • sam_c
    This Turkey story never ends;
      @Weston Nakamura  any Turks on the exchange?   
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  • Real Vision
    Emergency Market Update from Raoul
     The combination of market maker positioning, hedge fund positioning, retail positioning, excessive leverage, market technicals, and real economic risk from COVID are the biggest set of sell signals @Raoul Pal  has ever seen, and although he understands why everyone is jumping on the current anti-establishment narratives around Robinhood, he believes people are missing the bigger story here of unprecedented market risk. All the stars are aligning, and Raoul is extremely concerned about what cou…
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  • sam_c
    1 in 5 chance Gold Isn't that safe haven YouTubers say it is 🤓
    Interesting Graph from Man Group, The Bond Problem  The question the ask is; given super low yields, should you replace the Bonds with gold?  Well its not a simple yes or no but they provide this interesting graph showing how gold and SNP returns are related.  and Correlation trend is not your friend,      Kind of mirrors what I saved before:      The above are screenshots from a report called: "US Economic Outlook & Implications of Current Policies for Inflation…
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  • Real Vision
    LIVE at 11am EST: Steven Van Metre & Michael Ashton - Ask Me Anything
    Steven Van Metre of Steven Van Metre Financial is back with Michael Ashton, founder of Enduring Investments, to go further in-depth on and answer audience questions about inflation. Van Metre and Ashton review what they’ve previously discussed and clarify their thoughts on the impact of inflation on gold, wages, and wealth disparity. They also tackle money velocity and interest rates, the penalty incurred for holding cash, the differences between global inflation and national inflation, and mor…
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  • max_w
  • phillip_l
    Asking a very beginner's question here, so apologies if this is self-evident, but I've been divin...
    Asking a very beginner's question here, so apologies if this is self-evident, but I've been diving into the world of bonds a bit more. The first chart shows the correlation between the 30-year and the price of gold. The second chart shows the rising wedge pattern emerging on the 30-year while the RSI is declining pretty significantly over the same period of time. If I'm interpreting this correctly, is this indicating that the upward move in the 30 year is losing strength and could signal a brea…
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