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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Aftermath (Replay): Millennial & Gen-Z Explore Geopolitics
    Day 2: John Fadool & Weston Nakamura China Under Biden Administration, and The Coming Avalanche of Central Bank Gold Sell Flows @John Fadool  - Geopolitical Risk Expert @Weston Nakamura -  Manager, The Real Vision Exchange   Fresh off the heels of President-elect Biden officially unveiling his cabinet picks, John & Weston discuss US-China relations under a new/(old) administration. John explains his bearish gold thesis from EM central banks' forced selling.    ht…
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  • tarek_s
    The Election, Metals, and Uncertainty
    Today is November 6th, we still do not have a President-elect, and the legal fight over ballots and vote-counting seems destined to drag on for weeks, if not months. For those investors determined to allocate capital based upon the election outcome, the uncertainty can be paralyzing. We can expect a likelihood of a split government, but there is no certainty beyond that. My solution is to follow price. In my last piece, I noted that precious metals were trending up, and the US Dollar was trend…
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  • Real Vision
    Kiril Sokoloff and @"Raoul Pal" discuss the precious metals bull market Kiril Sokoloff sits down ...
    Kiril Sokoloff and @"Raoul Pal" discuss the precious metals bull market Kiril Sokoloff sits down with Raoul Pal to discuss why he believes the bull market for precious metals is only in its fourth inning. All-in costs of gold production are under $1000 compared to the current price of $1900, creating profit margins never seen before in the industry. In effect, the gold mining companies have become free-cash flow machines. With US federal deficits growing as far as the eye can see, an…
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