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  • Michael Paris
    Hey all, what would you say if we had a GPT-3-like system on RV? It could be trained on freely available financial data and specifically on the high quality data of RV transcripts. I call RealTalk. (For those unfamiliar, it is a general purpose natural language tool) Additionally we could use some waveglow  type on the audio in combination with the timestamped transcripts. I already wrote a couple scripts to segment and structure the data.
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  • Andrew Murray
    Any RealVision content on "How to Spend It"?
    Hello all, I'm a recently-joined Plus member.   I was wondering if there's any existing/archive content on "how to spend it"? Not in a fast cars / gold watches sense, more about conscious spending and turning some of our hard-earned capital into meaningful quality of life improvements.   It's something I've thought about recently after reading an interesting book, "Die with Zero" by Bill Perkins.- maybe someone like that would make for a great interview?    Thanks,
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  • eugene_m
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  • Dean McClelland
    @"Raoul Pal" Loving the exchange idea, THIS is the future of RV IMHO. Can we have a group for ret...
    @"Raoul Pal" Loving the exchange idea, THIS is the future of RV IMHO. Can we have a group for retirement/pensions as well 🙏 Another suggestion (and forgive me if you have already done it & I'm the only idiot that hasn't seen it yet). From my perspective, TontineTrust is getting super busy (helped by RV of course!!!) & I am finding I have less & less time to keep up to date on the interviews & the key insights. I try to watch the morning briefings but I feel as if th…
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