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  • Weston Nakamura
    I'm on RVDB today w/ Ash to discuss BOJ (video)
    For those who haven't seen, check out video below on the most consequential (and somehow also most overlooked) major central bank today: BOJ, as well as recent events that put BOJ and global markets at the precipice. BOJ Yield Curve Control - (one of) the most significant monetary policy globally in the past half decade When BOJ pins JGB yields at zero, cash rich elderly Japanese households, cash hoarding corporates, world's largest government pension fund, asset managers etc - they are forced…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Interest Rate Curves Obliterated... Market Update + RVDB Q&A Harry Melandri and Maggie Lake
    What a move in the short-term interest rate space. The Eurodollar Dec 23/24 calendar spread dropped by the most I've seen since there were big interest rate shifts. Take a peek at how much the German 10-year Bund future moved in the last 48 hours. These moves are really pushing the VaR desks limits, one would imagine. The spread between 5 and 30 year yields are really roaring. However, broad equities continue to drift higher as the VIX falls around 4% today. Major markets are nearing their all…
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  • jason_b
    Can the fed directly and positively effect the employment rate?
    If the price of oil is the price of energy and the amount of energy needed to create something is directly related to the price of all things, then the trend in demographics is the is the on/off switch for whether or not our monetary policy works.  The rate limiting factor in the speed with which a population grows is the age to sexual maturity, so we as a species are inherently slow at changing our demographics.  Add on top of that the delayed age at which women are getting pregnant, and the a…
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  • Real Vision
    LIVE at 11am EST: Steven Van Metre & Michael Ashton - Ask Me Anything
    Steven Van Metre of Steven Van Metre Financial is back with Michael Ashton, founder of Enduring Investments, to go further in-depth on and answer audience questions about inflation. Van Metre and Ashton review what they’ve previously discussed and clarify their thoughts on the impact of inflation on gold, wages, and wealth disparity. They also tackle money velocity and interest rates, the penalty incurred for holding cash, the differences between global inflation and national inflation, and mor…
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