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  • nick_c
    The Breakdown Season 2 is here!
    Summer is over, class is back in session! Jack and I are back and ready for season 2 of The Breakdown! In this week’s episode, Jack breaks down real yields and how they impact the economy and asset prices. Hope you enjoy! Links to the original interviews: https://www.realvision.com/shows/insider-talks/videos/insider-talks-september-2021-live?source_collection=bffd8077978045d7bf21b2bc6362a2d5https://www.realvision.com/shows/raoul-pal-the-journey-man/videos/is-inflation-here-to-stay?source_colle…
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  • Stefan Clulow
    Three Cheers for Ed Harrison, and the Fed’s Statements
    I had some thoughts on the Fed’s actions today (below), but want to say a word first about Ed Harrison’s departure. I have a mixed reaction to Ed Harrison’s plan to move on from RealVision. I first encountered  Ed in the very early days of Zero Hedge in 2008 and then watched his show Boom Bust on RT.  I read his articles when I found them post-GFC, but got a whole new view during the dark days last March when the world was ending and I discovered RV (via an RV interview of Dan Zwirn posted on…
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  • Dave Thompson
    interesting interview topic
    Hey Jack, Ash, et al! This could be an interesting topic. Angel investor entrepreneur Arvin Bhangu, Waterloo, Ontario, and his startup: https://www.therecord.com/news/waterloo-region/2021/05/26/buying-a-house-with-bitcoin-waterloo-entrepreneur-aims-to-create-global-real-estate-market-on-universal-currency.html?rf Dave
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  • Kyle Cooper
    Recession/Depression Escape Strategy & Maybe an Answer to Wealth Inequality: Thought Experiment ...
         I would like to propose a thought experiment...I literally thought of this 10 minutes ago, so it's a rough draft:     In order to stimulate the economy out of recessions/depressions, what if every citizen was given equal amounts of fiscal stimulus cash AND an equivalent debt payment credit at the same time (on regular intervals).  It may or may not require an expiration date...not sure yet.  I assume it would have to be a central bank cryptocurrency or something like that to make this work…
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  • Real Vision
    @Max Wiethe and @Jack Farley source questions from Real Vision members via The Exchange in this special, pre-recorded edition of The Real Vision Daily Briefing. Max and Jack discuss everything from how quantitative easing impacts the economy, to who their favorite contributors are, to how the evolution of their macro frameworks have evolved as a result of working at Real Vision. In addition to sharing their thoughts on stocks, bonds, and crypto, Max and Jack consider how their relatively young …
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  • jack_f
    NEED YOUR HELP - Ask me anything with me and Max Wiethe
    The "young bucks" @Max Wiethe and I will be filming an "ask me anything" Real Vision Daily Briefing that airs next Monday. What would you like to know? 
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  • haley_d
    Hi everyone! Have you checked out our new campaign yet "Has Everything Changed?" We are speaking ...
    Hi everyone! Have you checked out our new campaign yet "Has Everything Changed?" We are speaking to top industry leaders over the next fews weeks to answer this question and explore the shifting trends the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated. Industries are literally being reinvented as we speak -- real estate, technology, travel, hospitality. We have guests from all sectors joining us to discuss what's ahead for the global economy. Is there anyone top of mind you want to hear from? …
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