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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Market Update: Full Bull. RVDB Questions? Drop Them Here
    Markets up up up again. Green across all world equity indices today. Nasdaq finally leading the charge again even with a strong rally on the yields today. Summer lows ended up holding well on the NQ Future. S&P breaking back above a short-term down-trend. Long term trends have broken down so would imagine some sort of resistance coming up soon but most likely closer to 4450 area than here. Treasuries with some heaviness today, possibly pricing in a solid jobs number tomorrow along with th…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Jobs Up, Critical Levels Holding, Bitcoin Surging. Market Update + RVDB Q&A
    Well, in typical ping pong fashion, the markets are back in the red today. This is now the 4th session where we closed lower after a strong up day. I mentioned on the week ahead about lackluster price action until we get a cleaner picture on employment. My thought today was that we might see some kind of resolution with regard to the ADP figure. ADP employment report printed a 568K increase in jobs versus the expected 430K. That is a pretty decent beat. Non-farm payrolls on Friday obviously mor…
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  • nick_c
    The Breakdown Season 2 is here!
    Summer is over, class is back in session! Jack and I are back and ready for season 2 of The Breakdown! In this week’s episode, Jack breaks down real yields and how they impact the economy and asset prices. Hope you enjoy! Links to the original interviews:…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Charting With Petr Episode 7
    Enjoy! Feel to drop requests or questions below.
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  • jack_f
    Market Update + Drop Your Questions For Daily Briefing
    Hello Exchange! I’m going on Real Vision Daily Briefing live at 4PM EST later with Ash Bennington and Dion Rabouin! Here is a quick market update: Stocks rather lackluster performance today after a strong rally off a 20 day low yesterday. No real dispersion this afternoon as all major indices down around 60 basis points. Cryptos slightly mixed this afternoon as well with Bitcoin struggling somewhat but Ethereum in the green. We continue to see the alt-coins outperform Bitcoin. What I am reall…
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Week Ahead 9-13
    Weekly Economic Calendar Charts Of Note: Posts To Check Out: Hey you (yes, you, reading this)...want to come to a Real Vision party in New York? Evergrande ETF Lay of the Land : Monday 13th September 2021
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    What Is Your Most Obvious Trade Now? Macro / Crypto?
    I'm personally still just holding Tezos on this marketing push from upper management to try and get as many enterprise partners as possible. From the markets side, I have no idea. Carbon idea I posted here seems like it is the easiest to hold but entries are tough when it is this high. Curious on your quick blurbs!
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  • Real Vision
    Real Vision Daily Briefing: Tony Greer!
    It's Tony Tuesday! Real Vision's Ash Bennington joins Tony Greer to discuss all things happening across various markets. From Crypto to Macro, they got you covered on what they see.  Drop your questions in for the duo below! 
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Top Posts / Morning Brief!
    Big bounce in China technology stocks overnight after a dismal year. The Hang Seng Tech index rallied 424 points overnight to close back above the July lows. Seeing stocks like JD and BABA showing big gap ups this morning on their ADRs. Treasuries continue to trade in relatively tame and sideways market. Yesterday's slight PMI miss coupled with poor consumer sentiment / lackluster retail sales have kept fixed income slightly propped up on what was a large rally in the "reopening" …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Week Ahead: 8/23-8/27 Calendar
    (Calendar only, Week Ahead Video coming later) US House of Reps back in session to vote on $1 trillion infrastructure bill + $3.5 trillion budget resolution Mon 8/23 Japan, Germany, France, UK PMI US existing home sales Earnings: Tues 8/24 Germany GDP US New Home Sales UST 2yr auction Earnings: Best Buy Wed 8/25 US Durable Goods Orders UST 5yr Auction Jackson Hole Day 1 Thurs 8/26 ECB Minutes  US GDP UST 7yr Auction Earnings: Dollar General, Dollar Tree Jackson Hole D…
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  • Jason B
    btc worries of the moment
    With the current SPY setup, there are obvious concerns/doubts about how BTC will do over the next Month or 2 as the SPY does whatever type of correction this market will allow.  Basically, is BTC going to tank as the stock market works out the potential for a fed mistake vs. the hardened rails passive investing has put on the trajectory of the market?  This should help...   BTC/SPY compared to BTC for reference... I guess it's true.  When you divide by a constant you get a constant.  The …
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  • Ralph Humphrey
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  • absolut_a
    Hi Real Vision team, any planned videos outlining recent chinese regulation and the impacts on Ch...
    Hi Real Vision team, any planned videos outlining recent chinese regulation and the impacts on Chinese big tech going forward? I see there has been little coverage on this.
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  • Stefan Clulow
    Roger Hirst: Inside the Episode
    Roger Hirst’s unpacking of Raoul‘s and Julian’s monthly session is usually great.  This month’s episode was superb and as good as last month’s episode.  Well worth the watch for a substantive cross-asset class recap.  I don’t know if it is only available for the RV Pro tier.  If it is, the RV powers that be should consider unlocking it from time to time.  
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  • Real Vision
    Ask Me Anything, With Jon Turek!
    Check out the interview between Jon Turek and Luke Kawa (Director at UBS Asset Allocation) here Jon Turek joins us for an "AMA" thread. If you don't know about Jon, he is the founder of JST Advisors and runs the Cheap Convexity blog. You can also find Jon on twitter, here. Jon has a long track record of providing unique insights into the global macro space. Over the next week or so, Jon will be answering questions on this thread. Give the thread a "follow" and ask away! 
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Retail Sales Miss
    @Weston Nakamura talked about the idea that if you get sequential misses in both consumer sentiment and retail sales, you might see some fireworks short-term in the markets. U.S. retail sales fell in July by more than forecast, consistent with a steady shift in spending toward services and indicating consumers may be growing more price conscious as inflation picks up.  via Bbg:  The data suggest that consumers are beginning to curb spending on merchandise in favor of services now that many p…
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  • Real Vision
    Ask Me Anything, With John Floyd.
    We recently interviewed John Floyd, head of macro strategies at Record Currency Management, where John explains his macro strategies for trading currencies and insights into the bond market. Floyd walks through macro indicators that he watches to inform his trades and develop his variant perception.  These data points have led Floyd to become bearish on the dollar relative to the yen. He also sees slowing economic growth, tensions between Northern and Southern Europe, and rising delta variant …
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    What is your most obvious trade right now?
    With markets starting to go side-ways, what are you seeing in terms of opportunity? Or maybe is the time to just go enjoy the summer and leave markets alone? The more I look at the screens today, the more I am leaning towards the later and just stay long crypto? 
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    Here is a list of Blackrock's top 10 geopolitical risks, ranked by likelihood.
    “Everything seems amazing in retrospect. Pearl Harbor seems amazing in retrospect. It is a failure of imagination.” - D. Rumsfeld 1. Global technology decoupling  2. Major cyberattack 3. Emerging markets political crisis 4. U.S.-China strategic competition 5. Major terror attack(s) 6. North Korean conflict 7. COVID-19 resurgence 8. Climate policy gridlock 9. European fragmentation 10. Gulf tensions
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