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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Same Trade? See these charts
    What do cars, cryptocurrencies, asset managers, movie theaters, and meme trading have in common? They're the same trade on the 10Y UST Yield (or vice versa?) - here's the wild goose chase. First- why did $HOOD rally +24% yesterday on no news? My suspicion for the reason led me to the OCC site, where I checked the criteria for when exchanges can list options following an IPO. They are as follows (and $HOOD checks the boxes): ✓ The underlying stock must have a minimum of seven million shares o…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing Exchange After Hours w/ Jack & Weston (Wed Jul 28 2021) you all for your questions from the Exchange  @Bill T @Tamim Sultan @Muddshir Hussain !  Jack and I discuss BTC, BTC & crypto scene in Japan, a taste of the next episode of Exchanging Lanes with @Brad S and disruptions in the Brad Breakfast Index - explained via @Jack Farley on RV Live w/ Shawn Hackett on coffee futures from yesterday.   Trade Idea posts (open & closing) ↓  (July 6) LONG “Capitalism” / SHORT “…with Chinese characteristics” (July 27)…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Episode 3 this episode: •Brand new used cars •The Brad Breakfast Index •The Other “Chip” Shortage •Pics from the Road - pipes, glass, Tesla juice Please us know what you’re seeing out there too - related to any of the above or not! And as always - thank you for your feedback and participation! (By the way, while @Brad S is wearing his “Irresponsibly Long” tshirt, I’m wearing my Japanese version I had made - “Irresponsible Buy & Hold” to be exact)   Previous Episod…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    "Delta" Hedging 2020 Tokyo Olympics
    By the time you read this, the situation on the ground with regards to the Tokyo Olympics will have changed from when this was written. In fact, by the time you finish reading this, the story will have evolved from when you started reading. This is the dynamic nature of occurrences when conflicting incompatibilities are unnaturally forced together - the predictably unpredictable happens. Amidst the sea of unknowns, here’s a ray of certainty: the Tokyo “2020” Olympics, as it’s colloquially know…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Exchange Week Ahead: July 12 - 16
    Headlines | Markets | Upcoming Macro Data Schedule | Central Banks Schedule | Earnings   This Week on Real Vision: Real Vision NFT Week Kicks Off: Free One Week Crash Course from Real Vision Crypto ← (click here) Headlines (that I’m watching): •🇹🇼As if the semis shortage isn’t bad enough, Taiwan’s TSMC (world’s beating heart of semiconductor production) now under threat of potential COVID breakout. •🇯🇵BOJ to consider buying “green bonds” alongside other Asia central banks, according to BOJ…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Episode 2 2  UPDATES: * Nat gas: fracking, production disruption (trade idea) * Lumber: supply chain, homebuilding & housing demand (trade idea) * Autos: used cars, dealership inventory * US employment: job posting, unique observation on labor shortage IMAGES & analysis from the road: * Boat hauling: behavior of wealthy * Aluminum ingots: industrial activity * Lumber shipments  * WTF is this…??? New Discussions •Bill or no bill, US infrastructure is alive …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Festival of Learning: The Exchange Wrap Up Video w/ Moritz Heiden & Weston Nakamura
    The Exchange is a 24/7/365 festival of non-stop learning!  See Two Quants co-founder, Munich Re Head of Quant Research, RV Exchange builder/contributor, and Festival of Learning Day 3 "Information Curation" panelist @Moritz Heiden and I share our thoughts on tough lessons learned in 2021, including: • Moritz selling calls on GME in Jan • Moritz "fat finger" crypto execution • Weston's FOMO portfolio ....and much more. out TwoQuants here
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Options Comments pulled from FoL channel from Mike Green
    In Tom Thornton and Mike Green's panel,@John Sundheim asked the following question which I wanted to highlight, as Mike responded  in great depth immediately following the session. Want to share with those who may have missed it: John Sundheim question:  In Summary can Mike and Tom verbalize a short list of the criteria mentioned with terms like "25 delta" and asymmetric payouts given a little more detail. Mike Green: Short list of the criteria: 1. Buy an option that matches your …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup + Global Markets Review: USD & FX, USTs, Equities, Options & Quarter Expiry, Gold ... my typical weekly roundup at all ↑ Markets Reviewed / Examined & Explained  In this note- market related matters from the week: •Global Central Banks •Geopolitical Risk  •”The Dollar” / the yen, FX •UST yields •Gold & crypto  •June quarterly options expiry/meme calls I was going to discuss markets on RVDB Thurs but didn’t make it on. Not every day is a markets discussion day- but day after FOMC certainly was. We saw some major moves that had left…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Exclusive: How To ESG - Dr. Indranil Ghosh w/ Ash Bennington & Weston Nakamura video title: “How To Prosperity”  I have the privilege of participating alongside @Ash Bennington for a tri-continental discussion with Dr. Indranil Ghosh of Tiger Hill Capital and author of Powering Prosperity:  A Citizen's Guide for shaping global prosperity   - sharing insights exclusively for the Exchange. (MIT trained, formerly with Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund, Bridgewater Associates, McKinsey & Co).  Through his unique perspective, Indranil…
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  • Real Vision
    Beeneet Kothari, managing partner at Tekne Capital, welcomes Joe Lonsdale, partner at 8VC, to dis...
    Beeneet Kothari, managing partner at Tekne Capital, welcomes Joe Lonsdale, partner at 8VC, to discuss public markets, growing tech companies, and Covid-19. Lonsdale argues that the technology sector will experience continued growth as investors and policymakers recognize its important role in maintaining the global economy during the Covid-19 crisis. Lonsdale draws on his experience as a co-founder of Palantir to explain the unusual growth pattern that disruptive technology companies can experi…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Traded Fun: Spending BTC in Tokyo
    Here is a weekend “educational“ (stupid) video on how to spend BTC in Japan (where BTC has been legal means of payment for some time now), WHY I would spend BTC vs fiat in the first place (in trivial amounts), and my general/everyday causing mischief around Tokyo. Originally recorded Sun 4/18 (few hours after BTC mini crash). thank you all for the birthday wishes!
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Part 2 Wrap Up: Gathering Thoughts on The Crypto Gathering Part 1 Gathering Thoughts on The Crypto Gathering (see here) @John Ahearn @Seahyung Park @Jeremiah S @Weston Nakamura wrap up Crypto Gathering ‘21 with: •Irresponsibly Long/Short: Debate on replicating the traditional active asset management & hedge fund industry model →  crypto assets •Irresponsible Outlooks: What will be on the Crypto Gathering 2022 agenda? (1 year forward looking predictions, risks and opportunities) •Revelations of being Responsi…
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