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  • jason_b
    Can the fed directly and positively effect the employment rate?
    If the price of oil is the price of energy and the amount of energy needed to create something is directly related to the price of all things, then the trend in demographics is the is the on/off switch for whether or not our monetary policy works.  The rate limiting factor in the speed with which a population grows is the age to sexual maturity, so we as a species are inherently slow at changing our demographics.  Add on top of that the delayed age at which women are getting pregnant, and the a…
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  • haley_d
    Thinking out loud -- if we were to launch a show where we focused on outside-the-box business topics... what would you like to learn about and who would you like to hear from? Could be wine, fitness, art, frontier markets, digital education, VC, private equity, frontier markets, the list goes on...
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