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  • Moritz Heiden
    The first REAL Real Vision Bot Portfolio
    Long time no Update from the survey or Bot. Since survey participation looks good I assume you are all following the updates on the website. A few days ago I moved to the next step: creating a real world example of the Bot‘s portfolio. The easiest solution and a natural choice was the Crypto portfolio. I chose Enzyme as a platform. The Team is very helpful and it helped that Mona, the CEO has already been on RV (https://www.realvision.com/shows/the-interview-crypto/videos/mona-el-isa-empowerin…
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  • sam_c
    What benchmark do you use to compare your portfolio to?
    What benchmark do you use to compare your portfolio to?
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  • Petr Pinkhasov
    Top Posts To Get Your Day Started!
    Happy Wednesday Exchange! Here are some posts to get your day started.  * @Christopher Moir updates his ETF Dashboard with a new and catchy name!  * This post from @Ralph Humphrey didn't get much traction yet, but it is an important talking point. A lot of savvy investors follow the money flow of institutional buyers. Ralph breaks down what LC from Omega has been getting into.  * Here is a take from @Victor Martin-Tiscar which goes against the grain of MMT. Interesting read.  * Woah.... Jack,…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Petr & Weston: Markets Today & Week Ahead
    https://vimeo.com/[email protected] Pinkhasov and I just give some broad overview thoughts on the markets today and our near term view during a global risk-off session.  Posts mentioned from the Exchange: @Christopher Moir ETF Land - Monday 19th July 2021  @Matt Daniell X-24 19th July 2021. @Petr Pinkhasov Post CPI Global Technicals @Weston Nakamura Charts: Meme crash → Russell2k crash → UST yields crash → crypto crash. Incomplete / late market note Also as we approach Opening Ceremony on Fr…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Episode 3
    https://vimeo.com/575952786In this episode: •Brand new used cars •The Brad Breakfast Index •The Other “Chip” Shortage •Pics from the Road - pipes, glass, Tesla juice Please us know what you’re seeing out there too - related to any of the above or not! And as always - thank you for your feedback and participation! (By the way, while @Brad S is wearing his “Irresponsibly Long” tshirt, I’m wearing my Japanese version I had made - “Irresponsible Buy & Hold” to be exact)   Previous Episod…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    "Delta" Hedging 2020 Tokyo Olympics
    By the time you read this, the situation on the ground with regards to the Tokyo Olympics will have changed from when this was written. In fact, by the time you finish reading this, the story will have evolved from when you started reading. This is the dynamic nature of occurrences when conflicting incompatibilities are unnaturally forced together - the predictably unpredictable happens. Amidst the sea of unknowns, here’s a ray of certainty: the Tokyo “2020” Olympics, as it’s colloquially know…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Real Vision Exchange Survey Week 23/2021: Results
    I'm back at the desk this week and can give you some details on the latest survey results. Today is also macro portfolio rebalancing day (every Monday at close). Yesterday, the Bot already rebalanced the Crypto portfolios. I did some major updates behind the scenes, preparing the Bot for being able to scan more efficiently through the interviews. He gets a database update and I'm including a more flexible way to incorporate any huggingface transformers NLP models. Probably, this update will ta…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    RVDB After Hours on the Exchange: Jack & Weston Walk Through and Discuss Constructing a Real Opti...
    We did none of the things @Jack Farley  promised at the end of today‘s RVDB, and instead we just discussed an options trade that we both have a position in.  https://vimeo.com/558830991As always- here’s my “this is not investment advice” disclaimer:  DO NOT TRADE THIS. IF YOU TRADE THIS, YOU WILL LOSE 100% OF YOUR MONEY. THIS IS A VERY STUPID BAD IDEA AND IS NOT TO BE REPLICATED REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL OF TRADING EXPERIENCE. THIS IS NOT EVEN “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY,” THIS IS FOR MON…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Update from the Real Vision Bot.
    Sorry for not posting the weekly results in a timely manner lately. If you are taking those as an early indicator, it's always updated on Sunday on the Bot's website (www.realvisionbot.com). If you only look at the charts, you might only miss my description of events. I'll return to the normal schedule of discussing the results on the Exchange shortly. For the moment I'm working on new features for the Bot. One feature will be to search the interviews for any keyword and display the informatio…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Welcome Gus!
    I just wanted to welcome @GUSTAVO SMOCOVICH  to the Exchange. Gus is working with us (@Moritz Seibert  and me) in Brazil and has a wealth of experience in Latin America. I wanted to point this out because if you need any contacts or advice, he‘s the guy to approach. Needless to say that he is a fantastic character, and if this Corona thing wouldn’t be have happened, we would most likely sip Caipirinhas right now and tackle the markets.
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  • dyutiman_d
    Manhattan Meetup
    Hi guys,  As the city opens up, any interest in a physical meetup? Perhaps in Central Park? Or do you guys prefer a bar, or perhaps an outdoor patio? Discussing investment theses in person would be exciting, plus getting to know new people to learn from. Dyutiman attention: @George Stanoev 
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  • sam_c
    Content/ Guest Request: Ludovic Phalippou. Topic: Private Equity
    As the SEC is making it easier for retail to access Private Equity directly and big groups like Vanguard are working on PE products for retail. The PE propaganda has been deployed to talk about the asset class outperformance vs the public markets. As seasoned investors know one of the important rules in investing is Caveat Emptor. Nonetheless, just a few people take the time to look at these outperformance claims critically. In comes  Ludovic Phalippou, a french academic at Oxford (+++ points …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse: Seahyung Park
    “When Genius Fails Trades” Episode 3: ★ Special Episode ★  @Seahyung Park and Weston unveil the Exchange‘s new TRADE IDEA FEATURE (live now), as they discuss how to trade the BOJ debt monetization. Enough with theories - WHAT’S the trade?? •A look into Seahyung’s brilliant mind and framework, and horrible trading record •Constructing a trade from theory: BOJ Debt Monetization → USDJPY strangle (options strategy breakdown) •Healthy Disagreements •Tips for Trade Ideas https://vimeo.com/4920…
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