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  • sam_c
    60 years of homebuilding in my favourite developing country.
    Here is a well-written short review of home building in murica.    07-08 was really dramatic for new builds content: * Homebuilding in 2020 * Homebuilding a history * Drivers of Home Building   interesting; "More homes were permitted in Austin last year than in Los Angeles and Chicago combined."  
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Episode 2 2  UPDATES: * Nat gas: fracking, production disruption (trade idea) * Lumber: supply chain, homebuilding & housing demand (trade idea) * Autos: used cars, dealership inventory * US employment: job posting, unique observation on labor shortage IMAGES & analysis from the road: * Boat hauling: behavior of wealthy * Aluminum ingots: industrial activity * Lumber shipments  * WTF is this…??? New Discussions •Bill or no bill, US infrastructure is alive …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Debut Episode This has the potential to be the greatest experiment to test the superiority of the Exchange against everyone/thing else. I truly believe that a truck driver and a D student can self-generate a better grasp of the real economy than so called economists, market participants, academics, policy makers and anyone else - precisely because we are taking a highly unconventional (and highly rational) approach. But we need your help - so if you have anything (really- anything…
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  • sam_c
    REQUEST; anyone has data on what places are set to get more inhabitants because of work from home...
    Also what's the chinese/japanese version of work from home? Is it still a thing there?    Also thinking of this (usa)
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  • Real Vision
    On this week's segment of "The Vision," Nick Correa presents some of the upcoming programming, wh...
    On this week's segment of "The Vision," Nick Correa presents some of the upcoming programming, which will feature Jens Nordvig, Dan Suzuki, Chris Whalen, Scott Burg, and more.
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Exclusive Live REPLAY: Nick Halaris, Metros Capital Update on Real Estate
    Replay of Metros Capital Founder & President @Nicholas Halaris LIVE on The Discourse Tues Dec 22.  A comprehensive discussion on the state of the US real estate sector, trends in the great housing migration (city → suburbs, millennials, the wealthy etc), sub sector views on multi, office, hotels, home builders, contrarian bets and more. to ask @Nicholas Halaris any questions and leave your feedback!  See Nick’s Sept Real Vision appearance here Attache…
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