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  • dez_m
    My Question and Reflection on Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giu...
    The debate between Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra was spectacular. For those of you who haven't watched yet, I totally recommend you watching. I've included the link of debate video here.   Michale Saylor was incredible as always delivering his case for Bitcoin. However, there are two risks that Frank pointed out that I wrestled with and I thought it is worth discussing among the RV community. I would really love to get you guys' take on these. How valid are these risks do you think? 1. Hig…
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  • sam_c
    Not the Onion
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  • sam_c
    SEC Executive report of the Madoff investigation.
    Because the news is out that Bernie died in prison. A good time to remind everyone once again that regulators are not that good at regulating.    as Chanos said:  Regulators are financial archaeologists — they will tell you after the company has collapsed what the problem was.   For those interested a 22 pager on all that went wrong at the SEC in the Madoff investigation.    Besides RV already has an interview (actually several) with the wistleblower Harry Markopolos  ==>  https:/…
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  • Real Vision
    Jason Buck of The Mutiny Fund interviews famed short-seller Marc Cohodes of Alder Lane Farm pulls no punches as he diagnoses the true culprits behind the exponential volatility in stocks such as GameStop: extreme leverage and the hedge funds who use it in order to juice returns. Cohodes argues that hedge funds like Point72 and Melvin Capital are creating significant systemic risk for all market participants, most notably themselves, and he congratulates the retail trades on r/WallStreetBets but…
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  • sam_c
    Moar Vol and VIX with Jason Buck and Ben Eifert
    Jason Buck and Tyler Pearson have been talking to a handful of Volatility traders on RV.  Jason recently interviewed Ben Eifert who has amassed quite a following on twitter and also runs a fund called QVR.  Their conversation is quite a sandwich (24 pages or 1h16 min of podcast) but fun quite insightful. Since the topic of Vol is quite complicated and filled with jargon so I used Otter.ai to make a transcript of the interview. The transcript is like 95 ish % correct, so the spelling can be of…
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  • sam_c
    RV content request; so we had the whole WireCard fraud play out this year. I would love a video o...
    The WireCard story was really big but I feel RV hasn't really digested it or looked into it. It is kind of a shame. With a lot of the dust settled now I think it's time you guys create some content around it.  Get Dan McCrum on RV he is a good lad!   
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