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  • jack_f
    Market Update + Drop Your Questions For Daily Briefing
    Hello Exchange! I’m going on Real Vision Daily Briefing live at 4PM EST later with Ash Bennington and Dion Rabouin! Here is a quick market update: Stocks rather lackluster performance today after a strong rally off a 20 day low yesterday. No real dispersion this afternoon as all major indices down around 60 basis points. Cryptos slightly mixed this afternoon as well with Bitcoin struggling somewhat but Ethereum in the green. We continue to see the alt-coins outperform Bitcoin. What I am reall…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Week Ahead: 8/23-8/27 Calendar
    (Calendar only, Week Ahead Video coming later) US House of Reps back in session to vote on $1 trillion infrastructure bill + $3.5 trillion budget resolution Mon 8/23 Japan, Germany, France, UK PMI US existing home sales Earnings: Tues 8/24 Germany GDP US New Home Sales UST 2yr auction Earnings: Best Buy Wed 8/25 US Durable Goods Orders UST 5yr Auction Jackson Hole Day 1 Thurs 8/26 ECB Minutes  US GDP UST 7yr Auction Earnings: Dollar General, Dollar Tree Jackson Hole D…
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  • absolut_a
    Hi Real Vision team, any planned videos outlining recent chinese regulation and the impacts on Ch...
    Hi Real Vision team, any planned videos outlining recent chinese regulation and the impacts on Chinese big tech going forward? I see there has been little coverage on this.
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  • Weston Nakamura
    July CPI downside miss trade: 30y UST + gold + Softbank
    30y UST Futures (ZB): delta neutral w/ upside convexity bias (long end yields fall) 4:1 ratio calls to futures: •Long Sept 165 Calls (25 ∆) •Short ZBU1 Sept 30y futures  time horizon: close at 8:31am - end of week Long Gold calls on futures (GC): 1775 / 1800 call spread time horizon: close at 8:31am - end of week Long Softbank (my “long tech“ expression - as explained to @Jeremiah S Softbank, via japan listed 9984 Softbank + US listed SFTBY (for ”round the clock” trading). this is my “n…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Same Trade? See these charts
    What do cars, cryptocurrencies, asset managers, movie theaters, and meme trading have in common? They're the same trade on the 10Y UST Yield (or vice versa?) - here's the wild goose chase. First- why did $HOOD rally +24% yesterday on no news? My suspicion for the reason led me to the OCC site, where I checked the criteria for when exchanges can list options following an IPO. They are as follows (and $HOOD checks the boxes): ✓ The underlying stock must have a minimum of seven million shares o…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing Questions for Today
    Hey everyone, I’ll be on the Daily Briefing today with @Jack Farley to discuss July FOMC (out at 2pm EST / Chair Powell at 2:30pm EST), and China equities vs US (short CQQQ / long QQQ closed yesterday), along with Cathie Wood & Delta/Tokyo Olympics risk update.   Please post your questions below! (And as usual, anything that doesn’t get answered due to time, I’ll come back to and answer on the Exchange following!)  Thanks everyone!
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party telling people to buy the dips and "reassur[ing] readers that the big picture of the economy and liquidity remained intact." China’s state media moves to reassure rattled investors after rout wiped US$574 billion off stock market Zhang Shidong Tue., July 27, 2021, 12:48 a.m.·3 min read China’s state media are on a mission to talk up the b…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    US markets are down. These stocks are up.
    Group 1 I don't see any consistent themes here.  Dingdong (Cayman) Limited sticks out as a Chinese tech stock, bucking the downward drift of Chinese tech stocks.  Group 2      
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Cathie Wood RV Series Discussion: TSLA & China
    Really been enjoying this Cathie Wood series so far, but also extremely well timed and highly relevant market in real time   (I’ve said in many occasions that the RV team who books / sets the programming schedule are like the best market timing  “predictors” of all time lol - and it’s very true). Market Developments in the last 24-48 hours (as Cathie Wood series started): •TSLA Q2 Earnings beat: EPS $1.45 vs $0.96 est. OP $1.3bn (3x YoY), overcoming the fundamental bear case hurdles. EV deliv…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchanging Lanes: Episode 3 this episode: •Brand new used cars •The Brad Breakfast Index •The Other “Chip” Shortage •Pics from the Road - pipes, glass, Tesla juice Please us know what you’re seeing out there too - related to any of the above or not! And as always - thank you for your feedback and participation! (By the way, while @Brad S is wearing his “Irresponsibly Long” tshirt, I’m wearing my Japanese version I had made - “Irresponsible Buy & Hold” to be exact)   Previous Episod…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Weston Nakamura
    Daily Briefing (un)Special Guest - The Exchange Thoughts
    (see replies for add’l sectioned-off comments) anyone who missed yesterday’s RVDB Tony Greer Tuesdays, you missed joining an angry mob who saw my stupid face instead (I was one of them- I too wanted Tony) don’t worry he’ll be back soon. I was pulled in about 13 mins prior to going live at 4:47am so @Ash Bennington & I just talked about what was top of mind, which defaults to recent posts on the Exchange + my big picture themes discussed on Exchange over time.…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup + Global Markets Review: USD & FX, USTs, Equities, Options & Quarter Expiry, Gold ... my typical weekly roundup at all ↑ Markets Reviewed / Examined & Explained  In this note- market related matters from the week: •Global Central Banks •Geopolitical Risk  •”The Dollar” / the yen, FX •UST yields •Gold & crypto  •June quarterly options expiry/meme calls I was going to discuss markets on RVDB Thurs but didn’t make it on. Not every day is a markets discussion day- but day after FOMC certainly was. We saw some major moves that had left…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    If you can pick the mind of 1 or 2 people from the Exchange (about anything), who would it be? Us...
    If you can pick the mind of 1 or 2 people from the Exchange (about anything), who would it be? Use names & “@“ tag. Also feel free to write what / why (i.e. @Moritz Heiden - want to know how quants look at markets- tickers? Charts? Lines of code? @Matt Daniell to learn how to develop a bulletproof daily process and stay disciplined to it.)
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  • Weston Nakamura
    RVDB After Hours on the Exchange: Jack & Weston Walk Through and Discuss Constructing a Real Opti...
    We did none of the things @Jack Farley  promised at the end of today‘s RVDB, and instead we just discussed an options trade that we both have a position in. always- here’s my “this is not investment advice” disclaimer:  DO NOT TRADE THIS. IF YOU TRADE THIS, YOU WILL LOSE 100% OF YOUR MONEY. THIS IS A VERY STUPID BAD IDEA AND IS NOT TO BE REPLICATED REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL OF TRADING EXPERIENCE. THIS IS NOT EVEN “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY,” THIS IS FOR MON…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    After Hours Special w/ Jack & Weston on Things You May Have Missed: Taiwan Market Meltdown hits N...
    US CPI is far from the only story - see what you may have missed with @Jack Farley get the overly-covered CPI out of the way. Where'd we see the biggest jumps (ex energy)? +10% in airfares, car rentals, lodging, pro sporting event tickets - in other words, the reopen trade. Those who lost revenue clawing back to flat. Shocker. And given the "stellar" forecasting of NFP last week, its probably best we rebalance our attention portfolio away from the lou…
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