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  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup Special Edition: ‘Hoodies Get Even Experts: @Jeremiah S @Sam Colt @Max Wiethe @Jack Farley @Farrell Murphy  Mentioned RV Video Content, Exchange Activity, Resources:  Best Video to Understand This Historic Week:  RVDB  Fri Jan 29 Gamestop Gamma Wall w/ @Ash Bennington , @Edward Harrison  @Jack Farley  & guest Lily Francus  Lily Francus-nope_its_lily ← brilliant  Jim Bianco & Ed Harrison Tackle GME AMC & Inflation RVDB Jan 27 w/ @Max Wiethe @Edward Harrison  - Ed Nails the GenZ Trad…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Real Vision Exchange Survey 05/2021
    You are probably either busy piling into GME or pondering the next move of the wallstreetbet crowd. Anyway, would be great if you could take a minute to participate in this week's @Real Vision Exchange survey. Since the topic of the week is overshorted underdog stocks I even included a little question on current "hot" wallstreetbets stocks. Let's see how exposed survey participants are to that selection of recently quite well performing equities. And yes, I've been both: short and th…
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  • Real Vision
    @Steven Van Metre interviews Michael Ashton, founder of Enduring Investments. Ashton thinks that the Consumer Price Index is an imperfect metric but is nevertheless an optimal way to measure inflation. He argues that the extraordinary growth in money stock (induced by the Federal Reserve) will indeed augur inflation. Van Metre contends that various deflationary forces, namely the decrease in the velocity of money, will stop inflation in its tracks and could in fact bring deflation. CLICK TO WA…
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  • Sean Lakha
    Delusional Mania leading to a Train Wreck?
    Looking over at 25 years of Russell 2000 history, the magnitude and timing of the current move up from the March 2020 bottom is unparalleled.  I've identified all the big moves with minimal to no pullbacks, and none of them have moved up so sharply and quickly.  You can see the percentage rise and number of days for each move.  Interestingly, each of those moves was followed by a minimum 4-6 month decline (either a correction or an official bear market).  And as we can see it took several more …
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Everyone- PLEASE take 30 seconds & fill out the Exchange portfolio survey
    this is by far the most important week to see how/what we did. Our most concentrated consensus long took a huge hit + theres like.. no POTUS at the helm. Need to know if/how we acted/reacted week over week. I know I say ”this ones mandatory” but this one is really mandatory. < 30 seconds. (and follow @Moritz Heiden , so I don’t have to copy paste from his  posts ↓ )   Real Vision Exchange Survey 03/2021 This week's Real Vision Exchange survey is live! Make sure to participate and tell the…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    ‘20 RV Exchange Portfolio Modeled WITHOUT BTC
    In the comments under my post of Inside the Hive Mind issue 01,@Christopher Moir  asked @Moritz Heiden  to model the Exchange Portfolio ex-BTC (given BTC’s overweighting + outperformance). Moritz’s  “running back to the lab” and producing results + super comprehensive and insightful analysis & commentary  “in response“ (purely voluntary, institutional-grade work with a few hours turnaround time on a weekend prompted by one person’s expressed curiosity) is a) why Moritz is 2020 Financial Exp…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse 2020 Finale: Moritz Heiden, Two Quants
    Results are in: +22.78%, we crushed it.  We, the Exchange, outperformed the Real Vision Bot Portfolio (RV interviewed guests- yes, the very people we are here to seek financial guidance from) by 2x the percentage points (RV Bot +11.30%). Oh, and we also destroyed SPX by +16%, and that’s with a healthy SPX +6% rally, as well as sidestepping the entire US election volatility. Find out how we did it in my discussion with @Moritz Heiden of Two Quants (the other quant being @Moritz Seibert), br…
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  • sanjeev_c
    Add "Watch Later" links in Distillery email to each summary. It'd be handy save stuff to watch with one click.
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  • Weston Nakamura
    awesome interview - Roy Niederhoffer: ONE MILLION TRADES, ZERO REGRETS
    This is really really good, one of the best interviews I've seen. Fascinating look into behavioral/psychological emotion based herd behavior mixed with systematic trading, which has inherent "human" elements in it. Neuroscientist turned behavioral psychology based systematic trader + talks about 9/11 and the culture of integrity (actual) within the futures trading community reminded me of @Seahyung Park & @Jaymes Rosenthal + a few more I can't remember offhand. Obviously @Moritz H…
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  • Real Vision
    You made it through the LAST FULL WEEK of 2020! Now catch up on videos you may have missed this week, picked by the RV Team (click below) THE DISCOURSE ON THE EXCHANGE EQUITIES BONDS FOREX COMMODITIES PRECIOUS METALS REAL ESTATE CRYPTO MACRO CHAT  
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