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  • JP Williams
    Real Vision's Campus Ambassador Program
    Hi everyone, I am leading Real Vision’s new Campus Ambassador Program, where we will be building a community of the best and brightest college students from across the U.S. and collaborating with them to create engaging experiences on their campuses. As a part of this program, student participants (also known as “Campus Visionaries”) will receive benefits such as: • FREE Real Vision platform membership • FREE Real Vision merchandise • Access to the private group message with all other student a…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Cathie Wood RV Series Discussion: TSLA & China
    Really been enjoying this Cathie Wood series so far, but also extremely well timed and highly relevant market in real time   (I’ve said in many occasions that the RV team who books / sets the programming schedule are like the best market timing  “predictors” of all time lol - and it’s very true). Market Developments in the last 24-48 hours (as Cathie Wood series started): •TSLA Q2 Earnings beat: EPS $1.45 vs $0.96 est. OP $1.3bn (3x YoY), overcoming the fundamental bear case hurdles. EV deliv…
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    Tesla's earnings are out today.
    Elon Musk tweeted last week that Tesla will be opening up its charging network to all EVs, which is good because a recent survey revealed that 41% of consumers want their next car to be electric.  A look at the tweet and the overall share of the North American EV charging market Tesla will have is below.   Players in the North American charging market:
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  • Ralph Humphrey
    It looks like a Cultural Revolution of Tech is happening before our eyes.
    China's Tencent ordered to end exclusive music contracts JOE McDONALD, AP Business Writer July 23, 2021 Updated: July 23, 2021 8:43 p.m. BEIJING (AP) — Internet giant Tencent was ordered by regulators to end exclusive contracts with music copyright holders, adding to increased enforcement of anti-monopoly and other rules as Beijing tightens control over booming online industries. Tencent control…
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  • Marc_Johnson
    Webinar on the Carbon Market
    I watched this webinar (I missed the live version) which included some of the key players in the (future) formation of a carbon market that can function at scale. The market is very diffuse right now -- there are 64 different markets! -- but demand for carbon offset credits is escalating at such a steep rate (might I say exponential?) that these guys think there will be a functioning worldwide carbon market (i.e. something akin to Brent Crude or WTI) within 2-5 years.  One interesting factoid …
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  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Goofy
    Short Amazon - This Guy is Going naked =)
    I feel the time has come for Amazon to be in focus enough, alone after FB has been given a pass, to see some serious downfall. Charts are an easy look for a drop (I won't say correction). This is a very intuitive trade for me and took several months to decide if I would put it on. So I began building short yesterday at 3469. I don't recommend this to anyone, and it is not advice - financial or otherwise , I am not a financial advisor. The derivative route is obviously better for larger moves an…
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  • Stefan Clulow
    Good for decarbonization tech, less bullish for copper in the mid- to long term
    Copper supplies are arguably (clearly?) insufficient to electrify the world to the extent that everyone seems to want.  However, a novel technology has been developed, after decades and decades of trying by engineers and metallurgists, to recover previously unrecoverable and uneconomic copper deposits using existing processing capex and workflows.  It probably puts a dent in @Raoul Pal ‘s notion that copper could be an exponential asset en route to the Big Green Future… Mitsubishi Corporation …
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  • sam_c
    Epic Games, Inc V Apple
    In case anyone here interested in that case.  Here is all the material that is being presented in the courts.  Benedict Evans dug up these slides about all the app stores in China., he is sneaky and expects people to pay for his premium newsletter to basically read public info (F-That) i dug into all those files in the hope to find that one presen…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Being productive on Memorial Day - learn blockchain is for everyone. Non crypto folks to blockchainbusters and everyone in between. Don't let a D student surpass you!  watch → HOW BLOCKCHAINS WORK: A VISUAL WALKTHROUGH  Anders Brownworth w/ @Ash Bennington 
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Exclusive: NFL’s Sean Culkin (Mr. “Pay Me In BTC”)
    Ladies & Gents of The Exchange- see the Exchange Exclusive video below, courtesy of @Ash Bennington interviewing Sean Culkin, professional American football tight end, and first NFL player to convert 100% of his salary from USD to BTC.  Watch him talk about his background, his journey of learning (with a big shout out to RV of course), and his reasoning behind how he arrived at this decision - to be (ir)responsibly compensated in this particular scarce asset over fiat. And what else lies a…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup Expo Age 2: Goldman CFO Marty Chavez (Explained & Interviewed), Jim Bianco Debut o... Chavez: How a Silicon Valley / Stamford PhD in machine learning with zero trading background became CFO of Goldman & turned GS into a technology firm w/ @Raoul Pal  Jim Bianco‘s RV Crypto Debut ← Voluntary & Early Career “Retraining” w/ @Ash Bennington  The Exponential Age of Massive Widespread Job & Career Destruction w/ Art Bilger  Expo Age Week 1 Roundup w/ @Edward Harrison  
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Roundup: The Exponential Age Week 1 with Ed Harrison
    Week's Roundup with special guest @Edward Harrison making his Exchange debut!
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  • Real Vision
    Week 1, Day 4: Azeem Azhar Azeem Azhar, founder of Exponential View, joins Real Vision managing e...
    Week 1, Day 4: Azeem Azhar Azeem Azhar, founder of Exponential View, joins Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison to explain how the accelerating pace of technological progress is rapidly transforming business and life as we know it. Azhar identifies how technologies such as vaccines, renewable energy, and additive manufacturing (commonly known as "3D printing") are advancing at a rate faster than previously thought possible. He and Harrison discuss the "winner-take-all" d…
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  • sam_c
    COUR & COIN after the 🤮
    Coursera:  Coinbase:    In both, I like the strong brands and really high Gross margins. And in both cases I am thinking like this:      Is there something crucial that I am missing? Or is this price action part of the "Growth to value Rotation" that is going on?  I have small positions in both and wonder why I should not buy a bit more now that they became cheaper.  If anyone has done a deep comparison of $CHGG and $COUR let me know. 
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  • sam_c
    National security commission on AI (NSCAI) report on AI is out.
    For those interested in AI, autonomous vehicles, 5G, Quantum computing, bio-informatics, semi's ... Here is a link to a report assessing the american capabilities Regarding AI. It's huge but there is an exec summary. Here is eric smith (yes,the ex google ceo) breaking down this 700 page report on the pacific century podcast (Hoover institution).…
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  • Kyle Cooper
    Recession/Depression Escape Strategy & Maybe an Answer to Wealth Inequality: Thought Experiment ...
         I would like to propose a thought experiment...I literally thought of this 10 minutes ago, so it's a rough draft:     In order to stimulate the economy out of recessions/depressions, what if every citizen was given equal amounts of fiscal stimulus cash AND an equivalent debt payment credit at the same time (on regular intervals).  It may or may not require an expiration date...not sure yet.  I assume it would have to be a central bank cryptocurrency or something like that to make this work…
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  • sam_c
    How comes Japan E-Commerce penetration is so low? (granted these are 2019 numbers but still...)
    How comes Japan E-Commerce penetration is so low? (granted these are 2019 numbers but still...)
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