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  • Weston Nakamura
    Own Your Enemy
    In response to @Jaymes Rosenthal ’s latest video post (and meant to do this for a while but forgot/just reminded)  Everyone:  * What is your enemy that you need to own?  * What part of your portfolio do you hate? (“nothing” = not good, add hate allocation ASAP)  ↓ clip from The Discourse episode 2 on owning your enemy The Discourse episode 2 w/ @Jaymes Rosenthal here * Trading 20 > VIX <  80 * Trading for work vs Investing for life * Don’t avoid your en…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Feb 2021, Issue #02
    Download the newest edition of Inside the Hive Mind, Feb 2021 ! this issue: • The Exchange had discussed a long GME trade on a massive short squeeze that would rival VW in ‘08 - back in Oct’20. Exchange also had the foresight for the WSB army - also since Oct’20. •An overview of Jan, the month that put retail investors front and center  •The Exchange‘s View on Meme Names •Brokerage Risk •The Hive Mind Portfolio Review (spoiler alert - were still crushing it)…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    ‘20 RV Exchange Portfolio Modeled WITHOUT BTC
    In the comments under my post of Inside the Hive Mind issue 01,@Christopher Moir  asked @Moritz Heiden  to model the Exchange Portfolio ex-BTC (given BTC’s overweighting + outperformance). Moritz’s  “running back to the lab” and producing results + super comprehensive and insightful analysis & commentary  “in response“ (purely voluntary, institutional-grade work with a few hours turnaround time on a weekend prompted by one person’s expressed curiosity) is a) why Moritz is 2020 Financial Exp…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Jan 2021, Issue #01
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse 2020 Finale: Moritz Heiden, Two Quants
    Results are in: +22.78%, we crushed it.  We, the Exchange, outperformed the Real Vision Bot Portfolio (RV interviewed guests- yes, the very people we are here to seek financial guidance from) by 2x the percentage points (RV Bot +11.30%). Oh, and we also destroyed SPX by +16%, and that’s with a healthy SPX +6% rally, as well as sidestepping the entire US election volatility. Find out how we did it in my discussion with @Moritz Heiden of Two Quants (the other quant being @Moritz Seibert), br…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Exclusive Live REPLAY: Nick Halaris, Metros Capital Update on Real Estate
    Replay of Metros Capital Founder & President @Nicholas Halaris LIVE on The Discourse Tues Dec 22.  A comprehensive discussion on the state of the US real estate sector, trends in the great housing migration (city → suburbs, millennials, the wealthy etc), sub sector views on multi, office, hotels, home builders, contrarian bets and more. to ask @Nicholas Halaris any questions and leave your feedback!  See Nick’s Sept Real Vision appearance here Attache…
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  • Real Vision
    LIVE at 1PM EST: Weston & Nick Halaris of Metros Capital
    "This psychological shift has the potential to impact not only the economy and the market but also our political landscape. It’s really important where and how far this new demand for housing goes. The potential is there for a dramatic reordering our society."   -Nick Halaris, Metros Capital Join us LIVE for an update on the state of the Real Estate sector, and submit your questions below! (Slide deck attached)
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse: Seahyung Park
    “When Genius Fails Trades” Episode 3: ★ Special Episode ★  @Seahyung Park and Weston unveil the Exchange‘s new TRADE IDEA FEATURE (live now), as they discuss how to trade the BOJ debt monetization. Enough with theories - WHAT’S the trade?? •A look into Seahyung’s brilliant mind and framework, and horrible trading record •Constructing a trade from theory: BOJ Debt Monetization → USDJPY strangle (options strategy breakdown) •Healthy Disagreements •Tips for Trade Ideas…
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  • Real Vision
      In case you missed anything, get up to speed with a list of our favorite VIDEOS OF THE WEEK! ★ BONDS ★ EQUITIES ★ FOREX ★ COMMODITIES ★ PRECIOUS METALS ★ REAL ESTATE ★ CRYPTO ★ MACRO CHAT And of course, don’t forget this week’s THE EXCHANGE VIDEOS! ★ THE DISCOURSE  ★ THE BREAKDOWN
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Shoutout to Sunsets - Response to Jack F & Jaymes R
    ...adding my unsolicited (I don’t care) thoughts to the video posted by @Jack Farley chatting with @Jaymes Rosenthal yesterday: • As WTI crude futures traded in negative territory and the lowest strike listed for WTI crude puts was $1 Put, that strike somehow went $38 DEEP in the money...  • Cheers Jaymes for your last day trading futures in Chicago - you survived! 👍 • “Shoutout to sunsets” here to see Jack n’ Jaymes’ full video from yesterday that I’m respo…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Watch the trailer for The Discourse debut later today (feat. Sam Colt)
    Preview for The Exchange’s weekly show The Discourse - debut episode later today featuring ExChangemaker @Sam Colt !! Sam & Weston dive into The Exchange, explore why quality engagement is key, and reveal best practices & tips for maximizing value extraction.  Series Premiere from inside the hive! Watch the trailer below ↓
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