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  • bobby_j
    3/4 ARKG Trading Analysis/Observations
      Following up on yesterdays post: Here is the ARKG chart updated for today, updated with a column for each stocks performance during the day, A/H, and aggregated, as well as daily volume - as I feel each are important metrics to evaluate as well.   I'll repost the comment I wrote this morning analyzing the data, and add my thoughts on todays trades below:   Fr…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Vol. 3 March 2021 this issue: •Thought Bubble: The Exchange Discusses “Is Everything A Bubble?” •The Exchange + RVDB w/ @Ash Bennington  @Jack Farley @Nick Correa  •NEW FEATURE ROLLOUT:  Influence  Points (explained by  @Farrell Murphy original post  And see my reference example for how to effectively answer a newbie question - pay attention to the reaction more so than the answer  •The Exchange Portfolio Commentary. NOTE: the real portfolio analysis from @Moritz Heiden is on hi…
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  • bobby_j
    ARK Liquidity Risk - ARKG Analysis
    I've noticed a lot of chatter about how illiquid ARKK is, but not nearly enough about ARKG - which still has shares available to borrow (and at a much cheaper rate) and lower IV's due to lack of TSLA exposure, despite hiving a .99 correlation to ARKK thus far in 2021, and being substantially more illiquid.   In an effort to track a put option / short position I got into on ARKG, I started pulling the CVS file from the ARK website each day with the holdings of each ETF (ARKG, ARKK, ARKW, ARKQ, …
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Dropbox Option Strategies
    Dropbox announced a convertible note offering a few days ago. Overall number is $1.135 Billion.  Latest Q4 2020 results were solid earnings per share rose 75.00% year over year to $0.28, which beat the estimate of $0.24. Revenue of $504,100,000 up by 13.03% year over year, which beat the estimate of $498,640,000. So maybe their intention is to follow Microstrategy and use the proceeds to buy bitcoin? They suffered from the recent tech sell off, but price action seemed steady before Short …
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  • kazu_w
    Hello Hive,  Robotics are the future.  Can we begin the discussion about potential investments? What companies should we be looking at?  We can blend those that are currently being traded vs. those which have a potential for an IPO.   ISRG - Intuitive Surgical TWOU - 2U inc.  6506 - Yaskawa These are only a few examples, but want to learn more.  Does anybody have suggestions?  Thanks,  -Kazu
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  • Moritz Heiden
    Short term put/ put spread on ICE Exchange
    While ICE is in an upward trend, it might make sense to hedge for potential fallout from trading losses due to the spike in energy prices "After the market closed Friday, stunned traders scrambled to work out how much additional funds they would need to set aside for the following week. Some trading houses were extremely nervous. An executive at one said he was worried that some counterparties could go bust and leave his firm with positions to fill on the spot market." Source En…
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  • Nicholas Mastro
    Looking to get a nice computer set up for trading, could use a reccomendation from real professio...
    Looking to get a nice computer set up for trading, could use a reccomendation from real professionals please and thank you!!
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  • daniel_l
    What Put Options should I buy to hedge?
    Obviously a very open-ended question.  Hoping for a lot of different solutions...
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  • eugene_m
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  • kazu_w
    Array Tech
    Hello,  I'm looking at Array Technologies( Ticker: ARRY).  But, do dividend.
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  • Weston Nakamura
    What a winning trade idea post looks like & How to Boost points: Seahyung Park crushing it on Lon...
    I know this is still in play for another 1-2 quarters but need to acknowledge & highlight a highly successful trade idea ↓  (beg of Dec’20) “The only market signal that refuses to agree so far is the bond market, with 10 year yields basically trading between 0.5 - 1%. Although the bond market is arguably the smartest, it doesn't seem to be wanting to either confirm or deny what the other markets are pricing in. Thus, until the bond market says "no", will go long this "reflat…
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  • Moritz Heiden
    TwoQuants free Focus report February 2021
    So besides working on the Bot, scraping data from all possible sources, trading our live portfolio on AND actually having a full-time job as Portfolio Managers/Traders in an institutional setting, @Moritz Seibert and I decided to launch a monthly report a few weeks back. @Weston Nakamura was already so kind to make kind of an announcements, so we thought it might be nice if we made that report available for everyone on the Exchange. One condition: please sign up for our newsl…
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  • kazu_w
    Konica Minolta Inc (Ticker: 4902)
    I like Konica Minolta since the dividends are around 5%.  I got in at 270Y and hope it'll reach back to the 1100Y.  I've been taking the dividends and reinvesting back into 4902.  Take a look and let me know what you think .  -Kazu Income Ratios Chart
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  • Kyle Cooper
    Am I insane for seeing what I think I see here...? SP500(in USD)*DXY/M2 [added 2nd chart with m...
    Am I insane for seeing what I think I see here...? SP500(in USD)*DXY/M2 [added 2nd chart with moving averages (monthly intervals)].....[now added 3rd chart (weekly interval), see neckline] NOTE: The 4th chart, which includes GDP, is experimental for the sake of discussion.
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup Special Edition: ‘Hoodies Get Even Experts: @Jeremiah S @Sam Colt @Max Wiethe @Jack Farley @Farrell Murphy  Mentioned RV Video Content, Exchange Activity, Resources:  Best Video to Understand This Historic Week:  RVDB  Fri Jan 29 Gamestop Gamma Wall w/ @Ash Bennington , @Edward Harrison  @Jack Farley  & guest Lily Francus  Lily Francus-nope_its_lily ← brilliant  Jim Bianco & Ed Harrison Tackle GME AMC & Inflation RVDB Jan 27 w/ @Max Wiethe @Edward Harrison  - Ed Nails the GenZ Trad…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse: Failing at Success w/ Jeremiah Seidman & Han Rhee
    This was originally produced and intended as a special edition of the Discourse, as I tap into the Exchange to proactively extract value that I need from @Jeremiah S & @Han S Rhee for my trade idea: Long Sunpower Corp (SPWR) for a short squeeze, trigger catalyst - Joe Biden’s speech during US presidential inauguration. Only thing is, stock rallied +18% yesterday. Thereby making our video somewhat useless..  BUT - I will not let allow for collaborative minds put together to generate nea…
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