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  • sergi_n
    Optimal Investment Mindset in the crypto space and beyond (part 1)
    20 minute summarized presentation on the key points (Awareness, Coherence and Consistency) of the optimal investment mindset in the crypto space and beyond. Part 1 of a series of educational videos. Part 2 will be about Subconscious Beliefs System Coherence and how your Subconscious shapes your State and Decisions. Summary of the main factors that determine your performance and decision making. Key words: Emotional intelligence profile, FOMO, FEAR, Core Human Need, Stress and Performance. Incl…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    RVDB After Hours on the Exchange: Jack & Weston Walk Through and Discuss Constructing a Real Opti...
    We did none of the things @Jack Farley  promised at the end of today‘s RVDB, and instead we just discussed an options trade that we both have a position in. always- here’s my “this is not investment advice” disclaimer:  DO NOT TRADE THIS. IF YOU TRADE THIS, YOU WILL LOSE 100% OF YOUR MONEY. THIS IS A VERY STUPID BAD IDEA AND IS NOT TO BE REPLICATED REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL OF TRADING EXPERIENCE. THIS IS NOT EVEN “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY,” THIS IS FOR MON…
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  • grant_h
    Dr. Van Tharp states that you don't trade the markets; you trade your beliefs about the markets. Take this is in.... we all have underlying beliefs and  we view the world through the lens of our beliefs. Not one of us experiences an event the same way and will recall it differently in the future. Pay attention to your feelings and write down your beliefs. Sort through if your beliefs are useful or a hindering your life. This is the process of improvement in trading and life. 
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  • Johnathan Jessen
  • sam_c
    I wonder psychologically does a 5% drop now feels like a 10% drop because you might think it's th...
    I wonder psychologically does a 5% drop now feels like a 10% drop because you might think it's the start of something horrible? Just you know given the latest bear market was super quick like 16 days.
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