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  • Darius Dale - Founder & CEO of 42 Macro
    Today's Daily Briefing Topic: Will Net Liquidity Inflect Sooner Than Expected? Let Us Know!
    One dynamic that has changed since we outlined our GOLDILOCKS view back in June is the evolution of the Debt Ceiling debate. Recall that we had initially assumed the CBO’s July estimate of early-November as the likely moment in which Treasury Secretary Yellen would exhaust the “extraordinary measures” she is currently undertaking to avoid breaching the statutory limit, which came back into effect in August after a ~2yr suspension. She has since updated her guidance to “sometime in October”. Fo…
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  • jack_f
    Market Update + Drop Your Questions For Daily Briefing
    Hello Exchange! I’m going on Real Vision Daily Briefing live at 4PM EST later with Ash Bennington and Dion Rabouin! Here is a quick market update: Stocks rather lackluster performance today after a strong rally off a 20 day low yesterday. No real dispersion this afternoon as all major indices down around 60 basis points. Cryptos slightly mixed this afternoon as well with Bitcoin struggling somewhat but Ethereum in the green. We continue to see the alt-coins outperform Bitcoin. What I am reall…
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  • stephen_m
    Is there any regulatory cap on how many times a Treasury Bill can be synthesised in the market? I...
    Is there any regulatory cap on how many times a Treasury Bill can be synthesised in the market? Is there a limit on the collateral multiplier, noting the title is retained by the creator?
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  • ant_h
    I just read a really useful paper on index (inflation) linked bonds (linkers).
    It's only 12 pages and easy to understand. It covers a variety of concepts including duration, how linkers behave in different economic environment, volatility, and liquidity. Anyway here's the link in case you want to read it. An Introduction to Inflation-Linked Bonds by Werner Krämer, Managing Director, Economic Analysis at Lazard Asset Management. Published 2017.  Also, if you kno…
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  • Sean Lakha
    "Do as I say, Not as I do!"
    So Jaimie Dimon today said at an annual Goldman Sachs financial conference that he wouldn't touch Treasuries with a 10-ft pole.  Hmmm.   I guess JPM must be the sole exception amongst all the commercial banks above buying more & more treasuries week after week and month after month. LOL.  "Do as I say, not as I do!"   ;-)  ;-)  
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