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  • Weston Nakamura
    Weekly Roundup Special Edition: ‘Hoodies Get Even Experts: @Jeremiah S @Sam Colt @Max Wiethe @Jack Farley @Farrell Murphy  Mentioned RV Video Content, Exchange Activity, Resources:  Best Video to Understand This Historic Week:  RVDB  Fri Jan 29 Gamestop Gamma Wall w/ @Ash Bennington , @Edward Harrison  @Jack Farley  & guest Lily Francus  Lily Francus-nope_its_lily ← brilliant  Jim Bianco & Ed Harrison Tackle GME AMC & Inflation RVDB Jan 27 w/ @Max Wiethe @Edward Harrison  - Ed Nails the GenZ Trad…
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  • Matt Crawford
    Lost all the saved videos in My Videos!
    Hi all, Has anyone else lost all of their saved "My Videos." I have checked off each of the videos I've seen. Now I have nothing in My Videos and when I view videos I've seen they're indicating that I haven't seen them. This is really bad. Has something been reset on the backend!? It took me ages to watch those and keep track of what I've seen. What do I do now?
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  • jack_f
    Tracking the GameStop Money Flow - Gamma Squeeze Explained
    In this episode of "The Breakdown," @Nick Correa and I are joined by special guest and derivatives expert @Weston Nakamura (you may know him simply as "king bee of the hive mind"). What do we talk about? Duh. GameStop. Weston breaks down the market mechanics of the "Gamma squeeze" and how the creation of new ever-higher strike prices is integral to the stohnk going nuclear. We filmed this Wednesday afternoon, "just after market close" (as @Ash Benningt…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse: Failing at Success w/ Jeremiah Seidman & Han Rhee
    This was originally produced and intended as a special edition of the Discourse, as I tap into the Exchange to proactively extract value that I need from @Jeremiah S & @Han S Rhee for my trade idea: Long Sunpower Corp (SPWR) for a short squeeze, trigger catalyst - Joe Biden’s speech during US presidential inauguration. Only thing is, stock rallied +18% yesterday. Thereby making our video somewhat useless..  BUT - I will not let allow for collaborative minds put together to generate nea…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Exclusive: Weekend Roundup
    Topics: The Dollar, Inflation.  With @Jack Farley  & @Weston Nakamura    Interviews covered: Jeff Snider, Steven Van Metre,  Michael Ashton, Carly Fiorina Exchange Activity: Weston Nakamura, Seth Dingle Videos from the Week Referenced (links) •Jeffrey Snider and Ed Harrison THE DOLLAR’S BLAZING CRASH, TREASURY MARKET DESTRUCTION, AND WESTERN SOCIETY’S UNGENTLE IMPLOSION (click link here) •Steven Van Metre and Michael Ashton  EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNO…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse 2020 Finale: Moritz Heiden, Two Quants
    Results are in: +22.78%, we crushed it.  We, the Exchange, outperformed the Real Vision Bot Portfolio (RV interviewed guests- yes, the very people we are here to seek financial guidance from) by 2x the percentage points (RV Bot +11.30%). Oh, and we also destroyed SPX by +16%, and that’s with a healthy SPX +6% rally, as well as sidestepping the entire US election volatility. Find out how we did it in my discussion with @Moritz Heiden of Two Quants (the other quant being @Moritz Seibert), br…
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  • Farrell Murphy
    ★Tues 12/29 🎥 The Discourse: Real Vision Exchange Portfolio Year In Review with @Moritz Heiden    ★Coming New Year’s Weekend 🎞 The Hive Dive Issue #1: First Edition of the Exchange Newsletter from @Weston Nakamura    ☃️❄️HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE EXCHANGE!🌲🌴
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Exchange Exclusive Live REPLAY: Nick Halaris, Metros Capital Update on Real Estate
    Replay of Metros Capital Founder & President @Nicholas Halaris LIVE on The Discourse Tues Dec 22.  A comprehensive discussion on the state of the US real estate sector, trends in the great housing migration (city → suburbs, millennials, the wealthy etc), sub sector views on multi, office, hotels, home builders, contrarian bets and more. to ask @Nicholas Halaris any questions and leave your feedback!  See Nick’s Sept Real Vision appearance here Attache…
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  • Real Vision
    Queen’s Speech: Raoul Reflects on RV in 2020
    RVDB, The Festivals (Crypto, Learning, Aftermath), the Search function, Real Vision Crypto, the membership tiers, the referrals. Oh, and The Exchange. 2020 has been a hell of a year. Watch how much Real Vision evolved in 2020, and what’s next. CLICK HERE TO WATCH RAOUL GIVE HIS ANNUAL “QUEEN’S SPEECH”
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  • Weston Nakamura
    awesome interview - Roy Niederhoffer: ONE MILLION TRADES, ZERO REGRETS
    This is really really good, one of the best interviews I've seen. Fascinating look into behavioral/psychological emotion based herd behavior mixed with systematic trading, which has inherent "human" elements in it. Neuroscientist turned behavioral psychology based systematic trader + talks about 9/11 and the culture of integrity (actual) within the futures trading community reminded me of @Seahyung Park & @Jaymes Rosenthal + a few more I can't remember offhand. Obviously @Moritz H…
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  • Real Vision
    You made it through the LAST FULL WEEK of 2020! Now catch up on videos you may have missed this week, picked by the RV Team (click below) THE DISCOURSE ON THE EXCHANGE EQUITIES BONDS FOREX COMMODITIES PRECIOUS METALS REAL ESTATE CRYPTO MACRO CHAT  
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Happy ETF Sunday! (Watch 20 sec trailer)
     ETF - The Exchange's weekend programming, covering the lighter side of finance & markets. "Trailer" below ↓ (anyone else who is a clown like me + can talk markets please get in touch) @Jack Farley @Nick Correa @Jason Ziemianski @Raoul Pal @Damian Horner @Ash Bennington 
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  • Real Vision
      In case you missed anything, get up to speed with a list of our favorite VIDEOS OF THE WEEK! ★ BONDS ★ EQUITIES ★ FOREX ★ COMMODITIES ★ PRECIOUS METALS ★ REAL ESTATE ★ CRYPTO ★ MACRO CHAT And of course, don’t forget this week’s THE EXCHANGE VIDEOS! ★ THE DISCOURSE  ★ THE BREAKDOWN
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  • jack_f
    Follow-up to my Daily Briefing intro with Weston Nakamura (📈📉s GALORE)
    Hi all, On the intro to today's Real Vision Daily Briefing, @Weston Nakamura shared with me his chart-heavy analysis on the growth/value, USD/JPY, and the woes of the Central Bank of Turkey.  Due to the limited time, we sped through all of the charts. But in this video below, Weston and I go in greater detail on specific trade ideas, as well as on Japanese retail traders, who Weston argues are hidden drivers of FX volatility:[email protected] W thanks for your insightful char…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Shoutout to Sunsets - Response to Jack F & Jaymes R
    ...adding my unsolicited (I don’t care) thoughts to the video posted by @Jack Farley chatting with @Jaymes Rosenthal yesterday: • As WTI crude futures traded in negative territory and the lowest strike listed for WTI crude puts was $1 Put, that strike somehow went $38 DEEP in the money...  • Cheers Jaymes for your last day trading futures in Chicago - you survived! 👍 • “Shoutout to sunsets” here to see Jack n’ Jaymes’ full video from yesterday that I’m respo…
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  • jack_f
    Negative Oil. Poker. Futures [email protected]"Jaymes Rosenthal" shares his secrets in our inaugural after
    Negative Oil. Poker. Futures trading. @"Jaymes Rosenthal" shares his secrets in our inaugural afterhours conversation. I had a lot of fun chatting with Jaymes - let me know if you'd like to see us do this again!
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse: Jaymes Rosenthal
    “Own Your Enemy...” Episode 2: Two futures traders on opposite sides of the planet explore trading markets and risk managing life going forward, as Jaymes finishes up the Chicago trading chapter of his story. * Trading 20 > VIX <  80 * Trading for work vs Investing for life * Don’t avoid your enemy, take an ownership stake * Thoughts on Hedgeye * Work/life balance Get away from work for the sake of work * Don’t be overwhelmed by finance, there is never a “finish line,” and moving goalpo…
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  • Real Vision
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Real Vision VIDEOS OF THE WEEK
    Busy week? We know. Luckily, you can catch up with the best Videos Of The Week, individually hand picked as always by the RV Team below. Enjoy the weekend! ★ EQUITIES  ★ BONDS ★ CRYPTO ★ FOREX ★ COMMODITIES ★ PRECIOUS METALS ★ REAL ESTATE ★ MACRO CHAT And for shows from within the hive, follow newly launched Exchange TV HERE 📺 ★ THE DISCOURSE Debut Episode with Sam Colt!  ★ THE BREAKDOWN with Jack Farley & Nick Correa
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  • sam_c
    Best Pratices for making the Most out of your RV subscription for new and old members:
    @Weston Nakamura and I recorded a video talking about using the exchange; In general, we talked about What my portfolio looks like & Why and Why I am so active on the Exchange.  The great Value Add to RV is The Exchange so I think the most useful part of my conversation with Weston is my breakdown of how to use the exchange, starting around @14:16 in the video.  For the readers out the…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    The Discourse: Debut Video with Sam Colt
    The Discourse is a weekly program with Weston from the Exchange, taking the Hive Mind to the markets, and far more importantly- taking markets into the depths of the Hive Mind.  The key feature of The Discourse is for Weston to speak directly with individuals from The Exchange community, to explore and tap into the vast wealth of individual knowledge, expertise, skills and talents - both financial AND non-financially related - in order to proactively extract and distribute expertise, knowledge…
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  • Farrell Murphy
    Real Vision VIDEOS OF THE WEEK
    If you didn’t get a chance to see all the Real Vision videos this week, you're in luck. Our RV team has chosen all their favorite videos from this week. Click below to watch their picks!          The Breakdown with Nick and Jack                Bonds          Precious Metals          Forex           Real Estate          Commodities         Crypto         Macro Chat         Equities 
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Real Vision VIDEOS OF THE WEEK
    Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week - but in case you were too busy, no worries! RV Team picked out the top Videos of the Week below, enjoy! Equities Bonds Commodities Precious Metals Crypto Macro Chat Forex Real Estate Exchange Exclusive Explainer of the Week: Macro
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