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  • tom_j
    Sharing an article I wrote for Trader Magazine on SPIKES, VIX and Volatility. (3min read)
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  • Real Vision
    Chris Cole, founder and CIO of Artemis Capital Management, sits down with Michael Green to discus...
    Chris Cole, founder and CIO of Artemis Capital Management, sits down with Michael Green to discuss why he views volatility as the ultimate expression of illiquidity and insolvency. Together, they explore how the Fed’s actions in 2020 swiftly stomped out both of these risks, explain how structural dynamics resulted in rapid equity price appreciation over the last year, and take a closer look at volatility and the options market and what Cole describes as a "bull market in fear". They a…
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  • tom_j
    Equity Volatility Index explained-SPIKES 101
    For the volatility community: We recently put together a short video to explain the SPIKES Equity Volatility Index. Please have a look over your next coffee break and feel free to reach out with any questions. AND.....for the months of April through June there will be no exchange fees on SPK Futures transactions on MGEX!! SPIKES Options are also available on MIAX. 
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  • jack_f
    Tracking the GameStop Money Flow - Gamma Squeeze Explained
    In this episode of "The Breakdown," @Nick Correa and I are joined by special guest and derivatives expert @Weston Nakamura (you may know him simply as "king bee of the hive mind"). What do we talk about? Duh. GameStop. Weston breaks down the market mechanics of the "Gamma squeeze" and how the creation of new ever-higher strike prices is integral to the stohnk going nuclear. We filmed this Wednesday afternoon, "just after market close" (as @Ash Benningt…
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  • sam_c
    Moar Vol and VIX with Jason Buck and Ben Eifert
    Jason Buck and Tyler Pearson have been talking to a handful of Volatility traders on RV.  Jason recently interviewed Ben Eifert who has amassed quite a following on twitter and also runs a fund called QVR.  Their conversation is quite a sandwich (24 pages or 1h16 min of podcast) but fun quite insightful. Since the topic of Vol is quite complicated and filled with jargon so I used Otter.ai to make a transcript of the interview. The transcript is like 95 ish % correct, so the spelling can be of…
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  • Weston Nakamura
    Volatility Today - Nov VIX Expiry, CVOL, RV Live: VIX vs VAX
    In the volatility space today: * Nov VIX futures & options last trade date → expiry * CME’s new CVOL Index introduced  * RV LIVE at 3pm EST: Naufal Sanaullah, EIA All Weather Partners   Nov ”ELECTION VIX” to expire. Post election massive selling of vol premium has been large contributor to SPX ↑ (see note from yesterday) ↓  WATCH for Major VIX Expiry, Nov Last Trade Date Tomorrow → SPX Pivot Point?   CME announced new volatility indices: CVOL, for release H12021 (CME LINK HERE) Vol ind…
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