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What Is Sandbagging? (read them articles watch them stats, IMO the biggest abusers of sandbagging are commissioned based sale’s sector’s)

Sandbagging is a strategy of lowering the expectations of a company or an individual's strengths and core competencies in order to produce relatively greater-than-anticipated results.

In a business context, sandbagging is most often seen when a company's top brass shrewdly tempers the expectations of its shareholders by producing guidance that is well below what they know will be realistically achievable. In other words, management personnel lowball projected earnings and other performance indicators.

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The first rule is no promotional material. If you see it, flag it down! We aim to keep an atmosphere that is built on constructive discourse about markets. Let's keep it that way! 

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

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This only happens because of you all. Algo doesnt attribute influence points if you're talking to a wall. So thank you all for reading / watching / commenting / arguing / liking my stuff, nonsense and all! 

And special thanks to @Farrell Murphy