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Charts & Reports
Charts & Reports

Theodore Boydston
Investor, Manager, Electrical Engineer, EDA Expert

Bitcoin Price Targets

This tweet containing the chart below by ChartsBTC in response to this tweet asking about Bitcoin Moon Math from Dan Held is worth sharing (and reading) as it shows all the multiples from prior cycles applied to the current cycle on a single chart. Note there are no price targets below $260K 😳. PlanB anyone?!?

Craig P
Independent Macro/Vol/Crypto/Quant/Fintech Nerd

Covid crash vs the average SPX bear market

The covid crash was a bear market like no other... Markets crashed faster and recovered stronger than any other bear market since the Great Depression. The old saying is bull markets end in a fizzle, not a bang, but are flash crashes the new norm? 

Moritz HeidenExpert: Quant Finance
Head of Quant Research MunichRe Investment Partners and one of the @twoquants

Real Vision Exchange Survey 10/2021

By the way, the Real Vision Exchange Survey 10/2021 is live! Don't forget to vote

Check out this months edition of "Inside the hive mind" by @Weston Nakamura to get more insights into recent performance of the Exchange portfolio, sentiment and positioning.

If you haven't already checked out previous week's results, you can find these on the dashboard or on the Exchange.


The survey will be open each week from Wednesday (around 9am EST) to Saturday (9am EST). Results will be made available on the weekend. I'll post results here as well as on Twitter. Once we have a decent history of sentiment, I'll make the raw data available as well for everyone to play around with it.

Have fund and enjoy the survey. Thanks for participating, really looking forward to the insights of the community.

If you have questions please contact me on the Exchange. 
If you enjoy sentiment, make sure to follow the Bot on Twitter and check out the Twoquants page.

3/4 ARKG Trading Analysis/Observations

Following up on yesterdays post:

Here is the ARKG chart updated for today, updated with a column for each stocks performance during the day, A/H, and aggregated, as well as daily volume - as I feel each are important metrics to evaluate as well.

I'll repost the comment I wrote this morning analyzing the data, and add my thoughts on todays trades below:

From Comment Earlier Today:

Daily Performance and Fund Flows for the applicable days are below. From this data the observations I've made are:

2/24 - Despite being down almost 12% since 2/12 and seeing -330M of outflows over the preceding two dats, I don't think ARK was too worried as they still added to CMLF (890M Market Cap), but were somewhat aware of the situation as they entirely cut Hims (2.6B Market Cap).

2/25 - Second day in a row they added SGFY in pretty big relative size. SGFY dropped 13% on 2/25, so it follows their double down strategy. They also added heavily to EDIT and ADPT despite the small market caps as they were off big drops as well. This makes me think they was betting on a bounce back, as ARK already held ~3x ADV in shares of each.

2/26 - Despite a bounce back in performance ARKG saw outflows for the 4th consecutive day, and it looks like they reached into their liquidity bag by selling GOOGL and TMO heavily in order to add to ONEM which was down over 2% on... (More)