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The Breakdown
  • Nick Correa and Jack Farley break down an RV video from this week

Tracking the GameStop Money Flow - Gamma Squeeze Explained

In this episode of "The Breakdown," @Nick Correa and I are joined by special guest and derivatives expert @Weston Nakamura (you may know him simply as "king bee of the hive mind").

What do we talk about? Duh. GameStop. Weston breaks down the market mechanics of the "Gamma squeeze" and how the creation of new ever-higher strike prices is integral to the stohnk going nuclear.

We filmed this Wednesday afternoon, "just after market close" (as @Ash Bennington is accustomed to saying 😀)
I really enjoyed this, and hope you do too!
P.S. you can find all the episodes of me and Nick ("The Breakdown") by checking it out in the "Videos" tab on the Exchange


Breaking down what Quantitative Easing means and its true economic impact

Hop in the QE Submarine with me and "Slick Nick" @Nick Correa as we break down @Ash Bennington's interview with Jeff Cox...

We cover what quantitative easing (QE) is, why the Fed continues to do it,  and what that means for the economy and you.

Breaking down why Lyn Alden believes the dollar will continue to erode (and what that means for your portfolio)

Rates, FX, and inflation - in this latest "The Breakdown" @Nick Correa and I explore these key macro forces and more, defining some of the key terms and ideas you need to fully grasp Lyn Alden's thesis on the "Fraying of the Petrodollar System." 

Nick kept me focused on this one and we use several key charts, so I think we started off 2021 with a bang! 

I've followed Lyn's work for a while, having interviewed her behind and in front of the camera, but still, filming this with Nick, I still learned a lot and it was the latest in my understanding and for Nick. I hope you too can use this on your journey of knowledge! #LearningTribe

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Last "Breakdown" of the Year...

Hi all,

@Nick Correa and I bring you tidings and good cheer as we break down some of the finer points from my interview with Steve Clapham - specifically, the ways companies use "write-offs" and other techniques to hide expenses from investors.

Watch here: