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The Discourse
  • Weston Nakamura does a deep dive on various topics

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Own Your Enemy

In response to @Jaymes Rosenthal ’s latest video post (and meant to do this for a while but forgot/just reminded) 


  1. What is your enemy that you need to own? 
  2. What part of your portfolio do you hate? (“nothing” = not good, add hate allocation ASAP) 

↓ clip from The Discourse episode 2 on owning your enemy

See The Discourse episode 2 w/ @Jaymes Rosenthal here

  • Trading 20 > VIX <  80
  • Trading for work vs Investing for life
  • Don’t avoid your enemy, take an ownership stake
  • Thoughts on Hedgeye
  • Work/life balance Get away from work for the sake of work
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by finance, there is never a “finish line,” and moving goalposts = every market participant is a clueless amateur
Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Feb 2021, Issue #02

Download the newest edition of Inside the Hive Mind, Feb 2021 !

In this issue:

• The Exchange had discussed a long GME trade on a massive short squeeze that would rival VW in ‘08 - back in Oct’20. Exchange also had the foresight for the WSB army - also since Oct’20.

•An overview of Jan, the month that put retail investors front and center 

•The Exchange‘s View on Meme Names

•Brokerage Risk

•The Hive Mind Portfolio Review (spoiler alert - were still crushing it), but now with our first  major risk rebalancing analysis from  @Moritz Heiden 

 •Trade Ideas from Jan

• Top Posts + Top WSB/GME Posts

•Final Thoughts: WSB vs The Exchange 



Special mentions to @Jeremiah S @Han S Rhee @Jack Farley @Raoul Pal @donald lacey @Seth Dingle @Moritz Seibert @Moritz Heiden @John Shelburne @Sam Colt @Ash Bennington 



Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Anyone interested in +50% over 10 trading days

As per trade idea Long SPWR w/ simplest bull case: overcrowded short at decade highs to be squeezed via clean energy Biden in immediate term inauguration catalyst. rocket science.

if you are wondering how 3 of your peers from The Exchange did a (spectacularly good) hedge fund's full year's worth of work in 10 trading days of Jan, should prob watch The Discourse from this week:

...which, as explained, isn't the best "production quality" and for damn good reason- due to fast moving markets and changing circumstances, we had to quickly adapt- scrap original, re-shoot, re-edit and rush out in time for everyone yesterday.

"wouldn't be surprised to see another +20% immediate upside" - @Jeremiah S


"charts set up for a breakout. ✔Pattern. ✔Momentum. Just need a catalyst" - @Han S Rhee
"I have a catalyst" -me

If even one of the three of us weren't available yesterday, gains would be capped at only +35%. If it were only me and my trade idea from inception, gains would be capped at +20%. Individually, we're nothing, combined, of course we outperform. Pull up the ticker SPWR right now if you somehow still don't believe me. Proactive value contribution + extraction hive mind in practice.

Post your trade ideas. Comment on others. Throw ideas out there. Fine to discuss theory, but step up market discussions. Frankly don't care about another "inflation vs deflation" view - WHATS the trade?? Let's figure it out. We all need each other - and... (More)

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

‘20 RV Exchange Portfolio Modeled WITHOUT BTC

In the comments under my post of Inside the Hive Mind issue 01,@Christopher Moir asked @Moritz Heiden to model the Exchange Portfolio ex-BTC (given BTC’s overweighting + outperformance). Moritz’s “running back to the lab” and producing results + super comprehensive and insightful analysis & commentary “in response“ (purely voluntary, institutional-grade work with a few hours turnaround time on a weekend prompted by one person’s expressed curiosity) is a) why Moritz is 2020 Financial Expert of the Year, and b) does not deserve / serve well to be buried in the comments section.

So this is copy/pasting verbatim from @Moritz Heiden of TwoQuants (link) on the RV Exchange Portfolio 2020 Performance results and analysis. I will respond to myself for my personal take so as to not take up any more further space before the real stuff- but thank you x10000 Moritz & Two Quants for your HYPER-proactive expertise contribution, and @Christopher Moir for your proactive value extraction (Christopher please promote & share Moritz/TwoQuants work with the community if you have received expertise so we can all benefit from it)

2020 RV Exchange Portfolio Results & Analysis WITHOUT BTC by Moritz Heiden

“I think last year was mostly a question of: what else than Bitcoin can deliver returns. Exchange members saw the opportunity and took it. Taking a look at the return contribution of assets besides Bitcoin to the portfolio. It's more or less as expected. Some things worked out, some didn't. Volatility worked out in the beginning and became... (More)