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The Discourse
  • Weston Nakamura does a deep dive on various topics

Exponential Age/Tech/Venture Capital Resources

Alright, guys!

We have been doing this whole series on the exponential age but we need to build a paradigm to invest and monitor it. See my original post on democratizing finance and building paradigm for the spreadsheet that I made with all the resources on global macro and crypto:

Basically, I want to add a new section with resources on tech, exponential trends, venture investing, and basically anything on the edge of innovation. This can be venture funds, articles, specific people you follow, Twitter accounts/threads, books, companies you are looking at, quotes and basically anything!

We need to build something out so that we have a process for identifying exceptional exponential trends. Since all of us are from a variety of backgrounds, each person can provide unique resources that will be able to view the world from a specific lens. It would be awesome if everyone contributed to this!!!! If you are a human being on planet earth then you have something to contribute.

I will aggregate all the resources and add them to the spreadsheet. Again, see the link to my previous post for the link to the spreadsheet. I will do another post with an aggregation of all the resources and the spreadsheet.

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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Updated Market Notes (+4 Videos): BOJ shift. Monex Earnings On BTC price action. UBS.. Nomura.

4 areas of focus hit headlines at once. I decided to just make separate video clips for each topic, so a 3 min into + 4 videos following.

These were supposed to go out yesterday. Turns out that writing everything out would’ve been more timely after all. Oh well- still experimenting here. Let me know any feedback please, thanks as always!

I. Intro


III. Monex: the BTC driver


V. Nomura

I. Intro (3min) & NOTE: global markets are WITHOUT Japan flows for the next 7 days of holiday (USTs, NDX, BTC, EM FX could see direct impact absent one of largest players)

II. BOJ April Policy Meeting Review: Was NOT a non-event

III. 8968 MONEX Group Earnings were released Mon after close, this was supposed to go out before Japan market open this morning- apologies. but video still applies of course

Previous Note: Theory: Monex has become more BTC than GBTC, and even more than BTC itself (theory explained)
(see more charts below)

IV. UBS - “surprise!” -$774mn loss on Archegos to join the club. Why their temporary silence is deafening

V. Nomura (uploading)

Additional Charts & material:

BTC vs JAPAN Cash Equity Trading

GBTC premium & discount vs GBTC/Monex Ratio:

Intraday Charts from Mon 4/26, w/ BOJ policy release during lunch break (11:30am -12:30pm) & Monex earnings few mins after market close (15:00)

BTC vs MONEX Price Action - which leads which? (Monex leads)

When Monex is open for trading, BTC... (More)

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Own Your Enemy

In response to @Jaymes Rosenthal ’s latest video post (and meant to do this for a while but forgot/just reminded) 


  1. What is your enemy that you need to own? 
  2. What part of your portfolio do you hate? (“nothing” = not good, add hate allocation ASAP) 

↓ clip from The Discourse episode 2 on owning your enemy

See The Discourse episode 2 w/ @Jaymes Rosenthal here

  • Trading 20 > VIX <  80
  • Trading for work vs Investing for life
  • Don’t avoid your enemy, take an ownership stake
  • Thoughts on Hedgeye
  • Work/life balance Get away from work for the sake of work
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by finance, there is never a “finish line,” and moving goalposts = every market participant is a clueless amateur
Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

📰 INSIDE the HIVE MIND of the REAL VISION EXCHANGE: Feb 2021, Issue #02

Download the newest edition of Inside the Hive Mind, Feb 2021 !

In this issue:

• The Exchange had discussed a long GME trade on a massive short squeeze that would rival VW in ‘08 - back in Oct’20. Exchange also had the foresight for the WSB army - also since Oct’20.

•An overview of Jan, the month that put retail investors front and center 

•The Exchange‘s View on Meme Names

•Brokerage Risk

•The Hive Mind Portfolio Review (spoiler alert - were still crushing it), but now with our first  major risk rebalancing analysis from  @Moritz Heiden 

 •Trade Ideas from Jan

• Top Posts + Top WSB/GME Posts

•Final Thoughts: WSB vs The Exchange 



Special mentions to @Jeremiah S @Han S Rhee @Jack Farley @Raoul Pal @donald lacey @Seth Dingle @Moritz Seibert @Moritz Heiden @John Shelburne @Sam Colt @Ash Bennington