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Trade Ideas
Trade Ideas

Make sure you post a trade idea under the TRADE IDEA Content type.
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Single stock, index, rates, FX, credit, futures & options. SERIOUS ideas only. Min. 1 week hold period - NO intraday/short term. 


  • HOLDING DURATION: (“1 week,” “before Jan 14 earnings” “multi-year long term”)
  • EXPECTED RETURN: %, or target level (longs can be “unlimited”)
  • MAX RISK: % or stop loss level (shorts can be “unlimited”)
  • Brief thesis

Anyone Remember Jim Chanos Short IBM Call

Perhaps everyone forgot the call Jim Chanos made by going short IBM. He specifically talked about it in this RV interview:

I wonder where IBM is after its most recent earnings? Hm, interesting. 

[Possible] What's the "synthetic" yield from TIPS + selling inflation via swaps v short nominal arbitrage (what's the ... BE should be expensive v swap mkt.

This trade was described on RV in 2019/2020 re early 2000's by the best hedge fund manager record in the world that you didn't hear of ex RV.  Can someone please re-post the link I can't find it. I only post this as I was an inflation trader and saw the same opportunity [but different time horizon :)] and I notice people arguing that QE is via TIPS ... if so it should open up this trade..

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Anyone interested in +50% over 10 trading days

As per trade idea Long SPWR w/ simplest bull case: overcrowded short at decade highs to be squeezed via clean energy Biden in immediate term inauguration catalyst. rocket science.

if you are wondering how 3 of your peers from The Exchange did a (spectacularly good) hedge fund's full year's worth of work in 10 trading days of Jan, should prob watch The Discourse from this week:

...which, as explained, isn't the best "production quality" and for damn good reason- due to fast moving markets and changing circumstances, we had to quickly adapt- scrap original, re-shoot, re-edit and rush out in time for everyone yesterday.

"wouldn't be surprised to see another +20% immediate upside" - @Jeremiah S


"charts set up for a breakout. ✔Pattern. ✔Momentum. Just need a catalyst" - @Han S Rhee
"I have a catalyst" -me

If even one of the three of us weren't available yesterday, gains would be capped at only +35%. If it were only me and my trade idea from inception, gains would be capped at +20%. Individually, we're nothing, combined, of course we outperform. Pull up the ticker SPWR right now if you somehow still don't believe me. Proactive value contribution + extraction hive mind in practice.

Post your trade ideas. Comment on others. Throw ideas out there. Fine to discuss theory, but step up market discussions. Frankly don't care about another "inflation vs deflation" view - WHATS the trade?? Let's figure it out. We all need each other - and... (More)