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Trade Ideas
Trade Ideas

Make sure you post a trade idea under the TRADE IDEA Content type.
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Single stock, index, rates, FX, credit, futures & options. SERIOUS ideas only. Min. 1 week hold period - NO intraday/short term. 


  • HOLDING DURATION: (“1 week,” “before Jan 14 earnings” “multi-year long term”)
  • EXPECTED RETURN: %, or target level (longs can be “unlimited”)
  • MAX RISK: % or stop loss level (shorts can be “unlimited”)
  • Brief thesis

Theodore Boydston
Investor, Manager, Electrical Engineer, EDA Expert

Bitcoin Price Targets

This tweet containing the chart below by ChartsBTC in response to this tweet asking about Bitcoin Moon Math from Dan Held is worth sharing (and reading) as it shows all the multiples from prior cycles applied to the current cycle on a single chart. Note there are no price targets below $260K 😳. PlanB anyone?!?

Commodity Trade Exchange

Hey guys hope everyone is doing well!

As we are entering into this year, talk about commodities has been at the forefront for people who are trying to stay ahead. I posted something recently about rare earth materials and was surprised to see how many people commented and were interested. 

So let's do this, next week why don't we throw together a video with our best trade idea connected to commodities, precious metals, rare earth, ev materials or something along those lines. I'll record a short video with each person and then throw them all together so that we can all benefit from the knowledge. #doyouevencommoditybro

Basically, if you provide your investment thesis, instrument/exposure, timeline and risks then we can make a short video on it.  

Who is down? Comment here or shoot me a message and let's do this!

Craig P
Independent Macro/Vol/Crypto/Quant/Fintech Nerd

Covid crash vs the average SPX bear market

The covid crash was a bear market like no other... Markets crashed faster and recovered stronger than any other bear market since the Great Depression. The old saying is bull markets end in a fizzle, not a bang, but are flash crashes the new norm? 

I don't exactly have an answer, but welcome to the exchange! I would recommend looking through past exchange subjects, @Weston Nakamura1 @Moritz Heiden @Matt Daniell hAve some amazing analysis and breakdowns. Also follow the RV Bot on Twitter. I wish I could remember names so I am so sorry I didn't  tag anyone else, but this is a good start. There is an immense knowledge base here and tons of data already exists here, so comb on through it =) I will always try and contribute if/when I can =) (plus android does not like UX/UI on mobile so its hard for me to get links and tags up sometimes).