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Will GBTC's Price Go Down When A BTC ETF Is Launched Due To High Fees?

Would $GBTC be negatively affected when BTC ETF's come out? 

GBTC's 2% fee is high, but it's the easiest way to buy Bitcoin. Wouldn't a BTC ETF with a lower fee cause an exodus (i.e. price drop) out of $GBTC into a BTC ETF with a lower fee? 

I want to protect my downside risk and not sure if this is a risk worth I should be factoring in.  

Can anyone point me in to direction of Crypto Or blockchain based listing company at the ASX or NYSX ?thanks


Hi Guys just finished the interview On RV Crypto with Santiago and Yuval Rooz about DAML and their work . Was blown away from their insight and on Digital Asset way of incorporating blockchain in real Large scale business . Anyone know how can I invest directly with the DAML project?