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Amol G
Trader & Investor of Internet Money

Wednesday April 14, 2021 Market Update | Why BTC & ETH will lead in April rally!

Ethereum at ATH also USD2,300 plus change

Bitcoin new ATH at 63,000 plus change

Brave Browser, $BAT and the future of internet advertising, browsing/usage, content creation and democratization of value for all involved.

So, I've been using Brave browser for about a month now. I've made a whopping $1USD in $BAT coins. Impressive, I know. 

All jest aside, there are obvious aspects of this that show great prospective opportunity for anyone and everyone involved. Keeping in perspective, how cryptocurrencies are growing in value, each $BAT one earns may eventually be worth 10x or more.

Any thoughts? Anyone?

P.S. I think it would be great if RV were to join the band wagon, on the Brave Rewards system.
      Who knows? It may even(eventually add to the site's revenue. I love that Tradingview has             joined the bandwagon, I'm pretty sure most of my current earnings are thanks to them!