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**I am going LIVE here in my exchange Tues/ 11am EST answering questions around Long Horizon Capital Allocation. Post your questions here NOW and I will be answering them in real time when I go live!*


Ted Seides, CFA, is the Founder of Capital Allocators LLC, which he created in 2016 to explore best practices in the asset management industry from the perspective of both asset owners and asset managers. He hosts the Capital Allocators podcast, serves as an advisor to allocators and asset managers and helps asset managers convey their story through private podcasts.

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Welcome to the Capital Allocators Exchange! Click the "Ask Question" link above and let me know what's on your mind. I'll be here next week answering all your questions.

Current Asset Allocation

I'm curious to know what other folks' asset allocation currently look like. To start the discussion, here is mine. 

Any thoughts/comments? What does yours look like?

Current Asset Allocation
Current Asset Allocation

Hi Kurt, 

I would like to share the report10 we use for the first selection and screening of external managers. We are planning for a web application of this Fund Return Analysis tool but this will be for internal use only. It currently runs on VBA Excel and is an easy to use tool for getting maximum insights from minimal input data. If you like please reach out and I can share the excel file with you, maybe it could be useful or of any inspiration to you. 

Kind regards,



Hello Richard,

I made a video 3 months ago about whether the all-weather portfolio is right for you. I used this type of portfolio for 2 years, I also helped my uncle set his all-weather portfolio in France using Etf's via interactive brokers. It did ok during the liquidity event in march and we were happy about that, but as bonds starting to get closer to the zero bound, I decided to use the permanent portfolio with a kick by adding some bitcoin for my uncle. For myself, is the satellite permanent portfolio were I trade around the core position, I added some bitcoin and go short when possible.  I hope the video is helpful.