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This is where we discuss commodities. Feel free to submit new topics to be featured if there's a specific commodity besides the ones we have pre-populated.



This week's commodities video of the week was an easy choice as it was the only coverage we had that wasn't precious metals. It was my interview with Shawn Hackett of Hackett Advisors. I brought him on after posting a poll in this channel which received an overwhelming response to YES bring Shawn back. Shawn is focussed on helping farmers, end users, and speculators make smart decisions around timing of sales and planting. He has great coverage of the broad ag space but this video was focussed on how he thinks about weather and climate in the long term affecting the space. His methods are unorthodox but he has many happy clients which at the end of the day is enough for me to entertain an idea. Although the interview focusses on longer term trends he also gives some shorter term outlooks and different views on how regional farmland prices could change if his predictions come to fruition. As well as this video he provided a report that outlines his views. 

You can find the video here: 



Zinc is emerging as a key challenger to lithium-ion-based batteries for utility-scale energy storage. How to invest.

"Grid-scale mass deployment of zinc batteries will be a game-changer for solar and wind energy, supercharging widespread adoption."


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Inflation Adjusted Gold Price

Anyone who can tell me why inflation and gold pretty much moved together since the 2000 years, but in 1980 was completly different?