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Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets
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Great article on India and why it is the idea of the 2020's --

Democrats have already been endorsing nuclear, even their crazy wing endorsed it (at least AOC did) the reality is solar just doesn't work for a grid, its too variant & the EROEI is very, very poor for wind & solar. There will be private demand for it, and maybe they restart the tax credits but it's overall a very poor way to allocate investment into the future US energy grid. You need to be looking years out with nuclear, projects require huge up front financing, so they have to get the ball rolling now, plus they'll want to allocate a lot of money for R&D with GenIV designs & in the near term will be the small modular reactors designs they'll opt to invest in the medium term. 

I've read there is a lot of interest in retrofitting old coal plants into SMRs with 300 mW in output. Not sure how many decommissioned plants there are in the country but I imagine many. Uranium market is the one to pay attention to, especially given there's already huge investment in Russia & China underway for constructing power plants. If the US gets back in the nuclear game, Uranium is going to go much, much higher, the prices for miners already has been ticking higher. 

Investing in Emerging Markets part of my 2021 investing thesis - please review

Hi Real Vision Family, 

I used my Xmas break to watch tones of videos on RV and read tones of articles from Raoul Pal, Lyn Alden, Mike Green, Kyle Bass etc. I done it as I wanted to formulate my macro view and investment thesis for 2021 and beyond.

I express my view in the video about Stock Market in US and Emerging Markets as well as POV about gold, dollar, commodities, and bitcoin.

I would really appreciate if you could review it and I hope for a good discussion.

Emerging Market ETFs : prices & entries

Hi all, happy new year to you all.


Lately on RV there seems a broad consensus that emerging markets are presenting a great opportunity.


Raoul mentioned an entry strategy of investing in a broad ETF (like the Vanguard Emerging Market funds) and waiting to see which countries emerge strongest before putting capital into country-specific funds.


Looking at current prices, both the Vanguard EM ETFs and EEM are all at near all-time-highs. Do you think I've missed the boat here? Would you be waiting for a significant move down (caused by a spike in the dollar for example?)


What signals would you guys be looking for to enter the broad ETF firstly and then what would you be looking out for to get involved in something more targetted?


Many thanks in advance to anyone who reads this!