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Farrell MurphyVisionary
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This was my favorite RV video of the week on equities!


It is interesting to think about how shifting away from a traditional IPO model is and will continue to change the way the stock market works. What is your take on it? Did you have a favorite equities video of the week?

Know your histogram lesson

A great video by Dr. Ken Long about managing risk.

Trade Idea

So I posted a chart of the huge spread between some clean energy ETFs and the oil/gas ETF about a week ago. The price action from a lot of the stocks in these ETFs has been massive. I think there is a possibility that part of their causal driver is Biden getting elected. I'm not totally convinced of this but I'm watching their price action and a lot of other people see the clean energy and political link. Everyone has been saying different stuff about the indices but I think this clean energy sector is much more sensitive to politics than other sectors. So a possible scenario in my mind is if Biden gets elected then these things could breakout. If Biden loses they could retrace some of their movement but probably not a long term decline. This is not a prediction, just variables to monitor and potentially trade. In addition, I am not convinced of the causal link between Biden getting elected and the price action. It is dangerous to assume causality because it could simply be an illusion and something else is driving them. 

These are just possible scenarios and not biased to any political view. Price action will be the final determinate. Guys, this isn't a trade recommendation!

The Clean Energy ETFs are: TAN, ICLN, QCLN, and PBD. You can also look at the ETFs or the stocks in them. 



That #sp500 rally came a bit earlier then expected this week and here we are again after a 3 wave topside failure. ... monday/tuesday next week. #elliottwave