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Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

Any doctor here already using Nuance?

I read MSFT is buying Nuance for 16 Billion, a conversational AI company focussed on Healthcare. 

Just wondering if anyone has already worked with it in practice. 

I have never heard about Nuance but they seem quite big already

@Muhammed Banday ?

BRO breaking out

APAC Wednesday 16th April 2021.

Another tough day - the weak lead from the US didn't really bother us here locally. We opened positive on the cash, and faded that early as the Nikkei and US were both continuing lower. The Nikkei moreso. Yet we hit a level which just didn't really correlate with much but from the flow seemed like a sticking point, and that was the low for the day. Slowly made it back to the high, then had a few sneaker attacks to push through. The Nikkei was down 0.6%, the US down about 0.15%, and BTC up a good amount $700. The USD a touch weaker, the AUDJPY weaker despite the $AUD flat.

Come lunch we hit an algo level. The setup was for a high prob. top, which was interesting to see come to pass. The tricky thing is that the flow was a grind up, but then once a few points near the high were taken out, it was a quick fall by a good amount. Can't see any algo significance to that.

So the reversal was also one to watch - I expected the fall, but not in under 30mins. More like the rest of the day. So had to re-evaluate my expectations.

Active selling into the afternoon rally.

Passive buying into the late day. Dumped into cash close... see chart below.

The reversal seemed to be clear (the flow) - but then the rally higher after lunch was much higher than I expected. Returned to high (see... (More)

Need your help

I'm interviewing banking expert Chris Whalen on the RVDB today. It's perfect timing as the Goldman and JPM release their earnings that day.

What do you want me to ask him about?