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How I Use Real Vision
How I Use Real Vision
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This is where you can find out how people like you, our incredible members, use Real Vision, the things about Real Vision they love and what they get out of it...

Not only are our members incredible but they'll give you all the tips to get the best out of Real Vision.

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Why I use RV
Raoul PalVisionary
CEO/Co-Founder Real Vision/ Global Macro Investor

WHY I Use Real Vision Video - a NEW video


Your last videos were incredibly helpful for us (winners announced  very soon) so THANK YOU! You are an amazing group of people. We really are building the hive mind here...

I'd love some more help - a 2mins or less video explaining why you use Real Vision and what you get out of it. It will help us to meet your needs, understand you all better and also will help us with marketing. 

Remember - start with your name, where you live, what you do for a living and then why you use RV and what you get out of it. Please post them on the How I use Real Vision Exchange and tag them "Why I use RV"

Muchas Gracias! 

RealVision on SMART TV

Can RV be added to apps on Smart TV? I'd love to watch RV using the apps function on my Pansasonic TV rather than having to log on to my MAC or mobile and it would better distribute RV if we RV can agree to preload the RV APP on smart TVs

Using Real Vision as a University Course

Hello, my name is Petter Hallqvist and I am 21 years old.

For years I have been searching the internet for resources where I can learn about macroeconomics and investing. In my late teens I would have been considered a proverbial Robinhooder, and after falling down the Dunning-Krueger curve I now feel like I know almost nothing. So I am using RealVision as a course in macroeconomics and investing.

Other than taking University courses in economics and history (where I learn very little about actual financial markets) I use RealVision, MacroVoices and following individual people like Grant Williams, Mike Green, Demitri Kofinas etc. I feel like I learn so much all the time - often I spend hours googling concepts I do not understand.

Some things that keep coming up in the conversations I listen to are "long-vol strategies", "carry trades and selling volatility", and how Robinhood call buyers are making levered plays. I can hear whoever is speaking is saying something profound, but I cannot for the love of my life figure out how these options, risk selling/buying spreads work. No matter matter how long I spend on Investopedia. I know you are testing out educational content - trading options and different strategies may be childsplay for many here but given the diversity of your audience I am sure a lot of people like me would find this incredibly helpful.

Other than that, thank you @Weston Nakamura @Raoul Pal @Ash Bennington for providing fascinating content on macro and crypto!... (More)



Hi all,

I just wanted to find out how anyone brand new to macro can get the most out of the content, Ive been learning economics and investing for a couple of years but rather overwhelmed with how much there is to get through.

Would it be best to just start from ealiest video uploaded?

Or any categories that just start with the basics?