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How I Use Real Vision
How I Use Real Vision
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This is where you can find out how people like you, our incredible members, use Real Vision, the things about Real Vision they love and what they get out of it...

Not only are our members incredible but they'll give you all the tips to get the best out of Real Vision.

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Why I use RV
Raoul PalVisionary
CEO/Co-Founder Real Vision/ Global Macro Investor

WHY I Use Real Vision Video - a NEW video


Your last videos were incredibly helpful for us (winners announced  very soon) so THANK YOU! You are an amazing group of people. We really are building the hive mind here...

I'd love some more help - a 2mins or less video explaining why you use Real Vision and what you get out of it. It will help us to meet your needs, understand you all better and also will help us with marketing. 

Remember - start with your name, where you live, what you do for a living and then why you use RV and what you get out of it. Please post them on the How I use Real Vision Exchange and tag them "Why I use RV"

Muchas Gracias! 

Why I use RV @ Lisbon, Portugal 🌞

Why I use RV?

Attached is the viewable answer...

Why I use Real Vision

I sound like a crazy guy, having all eggs in one 🧺 and  being long on two high vol assets: Silver Miners and BTC. 🙈☺️