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Lyn Alden provides investors with equity research and investment strategies to give the insight and data needed for managing money through all market conditions. Her strategy focuses on fundamental analysis with a global macro overlay, and emphasizes longer-term moves. 

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Welcome to my exchange. :) 

I post a variety of charts and data points, and I'll be doing some live Q&As here as well, so be on the lookout for them on the schedule. 

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Personal Income and Retail Sales

Today had good retail sales numbers (one of the only V-shaped recovery areas). 

However, a lot of it is from the boost in personal income that people received this year. Even though we had a big employment shock this year, due to government transfer payments like $1,200 stimulus checks, $600/week federal unemployment benefits (about $2500/month for a few months), and PPP grants, nationwide personal income went up. 

Folks couldn't buy much for several months, so there was a brief savings boost, but then began buying again. 

With stimulus currently shut off, personal income is normalizing back to trend (and would likely fall below trend, in a sustained no-stimulus environment). Retail sales are still going strong due to that pent-up demand, but in the months ahead, are likely to level off a bit too. 

Stimulus round 2, however, could keep the lines up. We'll see.